SIMS 4 Confirms New Features: Left/Right Handed, Rocket Ship, Microscope and 8 Skills Including WooHoo!

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By Ryan Inoyori | December 19, 2013 12:53 PM EST

SIMS fans around the world are excited for the release of the SIMS 4 next year. But the fourth instalment is not yet out until fall of 2014. So for now, here are confirms SIMS 4 details, upcoming skills and audience desired expansion and stuff packs.

8 Skills Including WooHoo

According to SIMS Wiki, some skills are confirmed to return or be added on SIMS 4 next year and it includes:

1.      Violin

2.      Guitar

3.      Hacking

4.      Cooking

5.      Gardening

6.      Writing

7.      WooHoo

Violin, Guitar, Cooking, Gardening and Writing are all skills seen from the SIMS 3 while Hacking appeared as an optional action using a computer during specific hours and WooHoo is an interaction for romantic couples depending on relationship level and can be applied to several in-game objects.

It is curious that WooHoo will become a skill in SIMS 4 and unknown of what further options will appear after each level of progress. Does it treat different flirts or gives better mood to married couples? Will WooHoo give lifetime happiness perks this time?

Furthermore, Painting is also expected to return on the upcoming game series and hopefully more career growth will be emphasised on the SIMS 4 such as becoming a total fashion designer or the best interior designer in town with actual interactions.

New Game Features

Aside from new engine technology and brand-new gaming experience of the SIMS 4, several other changes are expected to happen as well on the fourth instalment. Here are some notable details coming soon:

-          Playable in single-player offline mode with additional component for online interaction

-          Constant Internet connection isn't required

-          Origin client is required to install the SIMS 4

-          More complex relationships and interactions

-          SIMS 4 will have all-new voiceover content and will not recycle voices from previous games

-          SIMS can now be right or left handed but effects aren't known yet

-          New objects such as a rocket ship, microscope set and cupcake factory are confirmed to appear

Desires of Fans

Since the SIMS 4 is still under development, the creators may take consideration of loyal game fans' reactions for the new game series. Check out their most desired request game components for the SIMS 4 via EA forums.

-          Elements of University, Nightlife, Vacation and Seasons expansion packs

-          Amusement or theme park concepts

-          Vacation and World Adventures element

-          Combination of the City Life, Urban Life and Big Business concept

-          Additional terrains such as forests, jungles, swamps and savannas

-          Terrains with extreme temperatures such as desserts and ice poles

-          More collection-based EPs like Gardening, Fishing and Farming

-          Better Pets world for the SIMS 4

-          Combo of SIMS 1's Makin' Magic and SIMS 3 Supernatural

-          Unique supernatural EP experience such as additional looks, powers, characteristics and races

As of now, the SIMS 4 is ready and available for pre-orders with Limited Edition and Digital Deluxe version according to their official Web site.

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