iPhone 6 Release Date Update: 4 Proofs Next-Gen iPhone Will Carry Higher Price Tags on 2014

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By Erik Pineda | December 19, 2013 12:48 PM EST

Apple fans have been expecting to get the best specs and features ever via the rumoured iPhone 6 release date on 2014 but one thing that may come as a complete surprise is the supposed price bump, a new report said.

According to Susquehanna Financial Group analyst Chris Caso, the iPhone 5S replacement will surely hit the market next year bearing higher price points. "We think Apple could get away with a $50 to $100 premium for a larger screen size iPhone 6," Gotta Be Mobile reported Caso as saying.

While the news is definitely not so welcome for millions of iPhone users, the signs are aplenty that Apple will be forced to implement a price hike following years of keeping the iPhone suggested retail price on pretty much the same level.

Below are the indicators that the iPhone 6 will be a bit pricey on its 2104 debut:

Curved or wraparound display

One thing that will immediately differentiate the iPhone 6, according to persistent rumours, is the screen size. From the 4-inch that was seen in the iPhone 5 and the 5S, Apple is likely to stretch the display profile of the next iPhone and the chatter ranges from 4.5-inch to 6-inch.

Yet most notable of the screen upgrade is Apple's supposed use of flexible screen that will allow it to build the iPhone 6 flashing a curved display for extra durability. It is also expected that the handset will intro a wraparound panel that allows reading of messages in various angles.

Obviously, these tweaks translate to higher production costs for Apple and to keep its profit margins in the north path, the tech giant will need to bump up the iPhone 6 retail price point.

Enhanced Retina and screen sensors

Apart from building a tougher iPhone screen build, Apple is also employing better technologies that will spice up the display attributes of the iPhone 6. Retina will remain on board and chances are, its rendition will be significantly improved from the last version, providing a higher and crisper resolution from the last seen in the 5S' 4-inch viewer.

New sensors will also be part of the package. In a report by Bloomberg, it was suggested that "sensors that can distinguish heavy or light touches on the screen may be incorporated into subsequent models." Apparently, this new feature suits well with the planned curved screen for the iPhone 6, the same report said.

Liquidmetal and sapphire

It has been rumoured that Apple wants to further toughen up its already solid materials are used to house the iPhone. In the iPhone 6, Liquidmetal and sapphire will reportedly become part of the iPhone casing.

The former is to provide a nearly indestructible outer shell for the device while the latter will be used as glass cover and body coating, which will guard the iPhone 6 from scratches and natural wear & tear.

Less carrier subsidies

For a number of years now, each iPhone model debuts with the standard $199 pricing for the basic model. That could change in 2014 as major U.S. carriers are reportedly prepping to offer the next iOS smartphone model minus the usual discounts. Either the price offs will be lowered or they will completely disappear from the network providers' service menu.

Actually, such have been the case outside of North America. For most buyers around the world, every fresh iPhone edition comes in premium price tag.

So on its release date, which according to Susquehanna should be around June or July 2014, the iPhone 6 variants will be priced $100 higher, at the maximum, from the previous releases.

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