Justin Bieber Retiring From Music: True or Just a Joke?

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By Christine Lazaro | December 19, 2013 10:24 AM EST

Justin Bieber retiring was the news that shocked the host and most fans of the pop heartthrob during his most recent radio interview in Los Angeles. However, no one was sure if he was just kidding or not.

The idea of retiring came up when Power 106 radio host asked Bieber about his latest album called "Journals." The 19-year-old superstar responded with the answer: "This new album, uhhh, I'm actually, uhhh, I'm retiring man."

"I'm retiring, yeah, I'm taking... I'm just gonna take some time, I think I'm probably gonna quit music," Bieber added according to an article written in Yahoo Launch Australia.

But since the young star has been known for being good in pranks, too, many doubt if what he said was actually true.

The Independent Web site emphasised that the official spokesperson of the hit maker refused to make any comment. But their article stated that one source claimed Justin was just joking.

For the past several months, he has been the topic of many controversial tabloid reports involving reckless driving and other "bad boy" behaviour. In addition to these tabloid reports, X17Online also reported that when the pop star arrived at the Los Angeles based radio station, a huge cloud of smoke was allegedly seen out of his car which triggered more rumours of him smoking weed.

Could Justin Bieber be turning into a bad boy? Or is it just a case of teenage-to-adult transition issues?

On his radio interview, the young singer did not miss his chance to address all the negative issues his career has been facing lately. He emphasised that even when others think he is arrogant, he is, in fact, a "caring and giving person."

Justin previously expressed the hardships he went through just to rise above all the gossips he has been getting. He said that he got to the point of turning to his mentor, Usher, for help.

"I got to the point where I thought, 'I don't want to do this. I just want to be normal," Justin shared with Fabulous magazine but stated, too, that he is coping and teaching himself to have more resilience with the kind of career he chose to have.

(Video Credit: YouTube/Believe Movie)

As final message to everyone who keeps on criticising and pulling the star down, he had only one meaty thing to say: "I'm 19. I'm going to make mistakes, it's inevitable."

Could the idea of Justin Bieber retiring be triggered by the personal struggles that he has been experiencing lately?

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