‘The Walking Dead’ Season 4 Mid-Season Finale Aftermath: Michonne’s Life

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By Tarun Mazumdar | December 18, 2013 9:00 PM EST

Michonne's katana sliced the Governor in "The Walking Dead" Season 4 mid-season finale episode. She didn't kill the man but left him to die a slow death.  It was Lilly who shot him in the head and put him out of his misery. Many happened in the episode as the group separated. It is possible that Michonne found a new group. She must have left with them or it is possible that she is on her own.

Robert Kirkman, comic book writer/executive producer, told TV Guide that the second half of "The Walking Dead" Season 4 would definitely return before the season ends. He also talked about flashbacks. "Via flashbacks, there will be glimpses into the lives of our favourite characters, likely including Michonne."

We cannot forget that scene when Michonne held baby Judith and cried.

Baby Judith, well, we only saw blood on the car seat. Was she injured during the prison battle?

Masslive reported that fans who live near the filming locations in Georgia posted on Facebook that they saw Chad Coleman, Melissa McBride and two twin babies on the set. They were shooting the second-half of "TWD" Season 4. It is possible that Carol, Tyreese and baby Judith would reunite at some point of time in the show and they might meet Michonne on the way.

Wetpaint, recently, posted the spoilers from the comic books. According to the comic books, Michonne was upset after Tyreese's untimely death. He was beheaded by the Governor in the comics. Tyreese and Michonne were in a relationship. Post prison war, Michonne met Rick and Carl, and they connected with the other survivors at Hershel's family farm. They also met three new people at the farm and decided to head to Washington D.C.

The group reached the Alexandria Safe-Zone.

Michonne's presence would be vital for the show as Episode 10 of "The Walking Dead" will have four different storylines.

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