SIMS 4 Fall 2014 Release: 7 New Gameplay Features And 9 Expansion Packs Concept

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By Ryan Inoyori | December 18, 2013 6:21 PM EST

SIMS 4 is the fourth and upcoming instalment of the SIMS series set for released by late 2014 for Microsoft Windows and OS X. It features all new game mechanics never before seen and better engine compared to SIMS 3 for more realistic experience. Here are the expansion packs concepts and detailed features you can expect next year.

Expansion Packs Concept

Mia576 from the Sims 3 forum brought a topic of expansion packs concept for the SIMS 4.

1.      Life in the Country
It tells about moving out from one neighborhood to another, selling produced items, livestock handling, farm business, farming machines, farming objects such as windmill and villages and the famous Plant SIM life state.

2.      Next Generations
EP containing family elements such amusement and park themes, amusement rides, day care centers and universities.

3.      Urban Streets
An expansion regarding a giant city called SIMCITY where you can own major businesses, achieve millionaire state, elements of late night EP, circuses, real acting career and skyscrapers.

4.      Charms of Nature
Expansion pack that allows the player to travel to various new worlds focused on nature. Charms of Nature includes new plants, animals, beings, landscapes such as swamps or forests, jungles and tropical islands, north and south poles, savannas and deserts and underwater living.

5.      Abracadabra!
Magical expansion packs for more spells, potions, ability to enrol to magic schools, supernatural creatures such as angels and demons and added new superpowers such as telekinesis and teleportation.

6.      Galactic Adventures
How about going beyond the SIMS world and visit interplanetary regions such as alien worlds, comets, new planets or even die from a black hole. More space related equipment like rockets and launching pads are also encouraged by this EP.

7.      Around the Globe
EP that allows you to visit many various world and mysteries from other countries and even get your SIM inside airports, airplanes and cruises.

8.      Time Travel
Get in touch with the past life of your SIM or travel to the nearest future using this EP. More adventures are included such as from different time ages or even getting dinosaurs into your own world using Time Travel.

9.      Sports Life

More focus on various sport events like playing real football, basketball, ballet or ice skating.

SIMS 4 New Game Play

1.      New SIMS - Create and control more intelligently and more emotionally rich characters.

2.      Intelligence - SIMS can now move and act naturally with multi-tasking skills and emotional expressions.

3.      Emotional Depth - SIMS 4 features the first set of emotions for SIMS and influences experience and story creation of your SIMS.

4.      New Creative Tools - Create a SIM and building are more intuitive than ever with freedom to sculpt your SIMS with tactile precision. Building or expanding homes become more flexible and easier.

5.      Vibrant Neighborhoods - Choose among brilliant and diverse lots for your SIMS to live in with vivid visuals to make them come to life.

6.      Rich Rewards - Earn new objects, outfits and traits by completing events, discovering collectibles and unlocking achievements.

7.      Share Your Creations - Share your SIMS' households to your friends and the community.

SIMS 4 developers have uploaded a sneak preview of what fans can expect on the fourth instalment of the SIMS series. In addition, SIMS 4 is going to be built to an entirely new technology making SIMS 3 not transferable to the new game.

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