iPhone 6 with 64-Bit Chip on Release Date to Reign Supreme over its Android, Windows Rivals – Report

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By Erik Pineda | December 18, 2013 1:44 PM EST

With 64-bit on board the iPhone 6 release date on 2014, the rumoured iPhone 5S successor should be a year ahead of Android and Windows smartphones, suggests a new report.

Apple achieved the unimaginable when it released the iPhone 5S September this year with 64-bit A7 SoC, which essentially propelled the iOS device at least a year away from other high-end mobile devices, Apple Insider said in a report.

The Apple-focused tech site, citing an unnamed Qualcomm official as source, added that in effect the iPhone maker staged a coup when it unleashed the 64-bit computing standard via the iPhone 5S, likely setting off a race in which it is the clear winner.

In the iPhone 5S, Apple managed to leapfrog some 12 months from the current tech standard, said the same report. And if rumours proved true that 64-bit A8 SoC will come out of the box with the iPhone 6, it should be safe to assume that the same scenario will play out once the device has been released.

Plus, the iPhone 6 is in a better position to fully make use of the might and speed that is packed with the A8 processing chip. It should be recalled that 64-bit on the iPhone 5S was met with pessimism with a Qualcomm official quickly downplaying the achievement.

The current mobile application environment is not yet attuned to the standard, critics said, so end-users will likely not experience the hyped benefits of 64-bit on mobile device computing.

Apple, however, shot back by declaring that the iOS ecosystem is 64-bit ready and third-party players in the sphere will soon be ready to fully embrace the system. Besides, 64-bit on the iPhone 5S should be regarded too as 'forward-looking, the tech giant added.

So the end-logic would be: the full-force of 64-bit will be more apparent in the next generation iPhones and iPads. It is understood that the iPhone 6 will be the first to deliver 64-bit SoC in its full glory

It should be noted too that the A7 flavour of the same standard in now in full implement with the iPad Air and Retina-laced iPad Mini 2, setting the stage for Apple's upcoming devices to show the highly advanced technology.

And the likelihood is, Apple's rivals, Samsung chief among them, will not be able to catch up that quick. Apple Insider noted that while Samsung has already flagged that its Galaxy S5 will flex its muscle next year backed by a 64-bit Exynos CPU, the date of its arrival is vague at best.

The iPhone 6 on 64-bit A8 chip should be beastly and pretty at the same time. The innards would be composed of upscale components that will fire up the killer features that iOS 8 will stuff with handset.

On the outside, Apple fans expect a 5-inch screen that is actually rendered in a wraparound panel that melds seamlessly with a Liquidmetal casing for a higher level of durability. The whole iPhone 6 build, according to rumours, will be coated in sapphire, somehow ensuring of scratch-free device during its entire lifecycle.

The iPhone 6 release date is pegged by analysts to take place between June and September 2014.

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