PS4 News: No Scarcity Rumours; Knack’s Unlockable Characters and Modes; Minecraft PS3 Edition Dated

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By Gel Galang | December 17, 2013 3:03 PM EST

For the longest time, it seems that the main goal of more people was to find where they can get the PS4 or Xbox One, since there is still the window starting early next year wherein next-gen consoles may need a break for more production.

But it seems that some people are not convinced that the PS4 has sold out in most retailers, as SCEA CEO Jack Tretton had to show it via an official announcement that the shortage may come to stay.

"Do you create an artificial shortage because you want there to be a feeding frenzy? No, you don't," said Tretton to GameSpot. "You have competition out there; there are lots of things that people can spend money on, especially during the holidays."

So it seems that the shortage of PS4 stocks really means that a lot of people are waiting to get their PS4 but has yet to receive it.

So far, there are rumours of millions of gamers still waiting for the PS4. But for now, the ball is in Sony's court and how they can play to prolong the interest and delay the frustration of gamers who can't get their hands on a PS4 just yet.

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Minecraft PS3 debuts a week before Christmas

Those who have been waiting for Minecraft to debut on the PS3 can now expect it to be available on December 18, giving you a lot of time to explore the download before Christmas. The cost for the game is the same as the Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition.

"Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition comes with everything present in other console versions. They're pretty much identical to play, and will be developed in tandem from now on," said Mojang in the developer's official Web site.

Mojang has released a couple more details regarding the new Minecraft PS3 Edition, including downloadable skins and texture packs after the launch and possible Sony-specific skins and packs.

The Minecraft PS3 Edition will also have a day-one update that the developer recommends to be downloaded by gamers.

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A look at Knack's unlockable challenges and characters

One of PS4's launch and exclusive games, Knack, and if you've been playing the game, there may be some unlockable characters and challenge modes, which you may have missed out on.

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PlayStation Blog Europe has an exclusive talk with Mark Cerny, the game director for Knack, and he reveals quite a number of unlockables that come in the game. in particular, Cerny explains that there are treasure chests that contain Crystal Relics, which are rarities that can unlock a special Knack, a character that can be used for post-game replay.

According to Cerny, there are six types of Crystal Relics, and collecting a number of a type would allow you to unlock these challenges or special characters. Imagine getting a Vampire Knack, which can deliver stronger attacks but also give you a bit of a challenge as he will be slowly melting unless you find replenishments. 15 Ruby Relics can get you the Vampire Knack.

There's also a Massive Knack for getting Emerald Relics, Brittle Knack from Aquamarine Relics, Sunstone Knack from Sunstone Relics, Dark Knack from Amethyst Relics, and Diamond Knack from Diamond Relics.

Two more special challenge modes is present in the game once you complete it. These two modes are Time Attack and Coliseum Attack, both of which are mode where you can use the additional six kinds of Knacks.

Cerny adds that this is also where the free iOS Knack game can come in handy--it can help you collect more items and Relics to unlock the characters.

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