MacBook Air 2014 Release Date and Rumor Round-up: Air to Feature 12-Inch Screen, Retina Display, Better Battery and OS X/iOS Convergence

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By Precious Silva | December 17, 2013 11:25 AM EST

The MacBook Air remains Apple's most portable laptop. The Air comes in 11- and 13-inch models. Launched since 2008, Apple made it a point to release refreshed lines every year. As 2014 approaches, reports about 2014 MacBook Air have began surfacing. According to the latest details, the new Air will have a 12-inch screen, Retina display, longer battery life and a combination of OS X and iOS. 

While Apple's MacBook Air remains a popular line of laptops, the market has yet to see major changes in the line. Apple, so far, tweaks components every year, but nothing of it merits major changes. For instance, the major feature that accompanied the 2013 lineup is Intel's Haswell i7 CPU. This increased the battery life of the Air up to 15 hours. 

The latest line also features ultra fast PCI-E based solid-state storage. However, it does not match up to how Sony revolutionised its VAIO line. What appears to be an unparalled design has now trickled down to competitors. MacBook Air is not the only laptop with such thin frame and light build anymore. Fortunately, it seems Apple will be stepping up to the competition. Reports and analysts note a number of noteworthy changes to the MacBook Air line. 

Retina Display 

The MacBook Pros and the iPads got Retina, so it is only a matter of time before Apple includes the display technology in the Air. According to analysts, laptop resolutions have become competitive. Even ultra thin devices feature impressive screen resolutions including 1,080p full HD and 4K. People should expect a 2,304 x 1,440 upgrade for the MacBook Air. 

Battery Efficiency 

The MacBook Air already received Intel's Haswell, but analysts think that Apple can improve the battery life more. How? Apple will introduce newer and less intensive graphics, hardware optimisation and better software management. 

12-Inch Screen 

Apple may have more surprises lined, up as recent reports say the company plans to release a 12-inch MacBook Air. Even more shocking is the possibility of Apple dropping other model sizes and creating a uniform 12-inch build for Air. According to analysts, a 13-inch display on the Air may appear heavy in light of a Retina display. The 11-inch build, on the other hand, is slightly too compact and vulnerable. The 12-inch size is a breather. 

OS X/iOS Convergence 

MAC's operating system, the OS X, has been interacting with iOS lately. It has featured a range of iOS apps starting with the Lion in 2011. Analysts believe it might be possible to see an Apple laptop with more iPhone functionality in future. The Air may be just that. 

As for the release date, analysts predict it to be around the first quarter of next year, but people should wait for the official announcement. 

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