Newborn Piglet in China Has 3 Eyes, 2 Mouths, 2 Snouts

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By Vittorio Hernandez | December 17, 2013 10:16 AM EST

A piglet with unique physical features was born in China's Jiangxi Province on Dec 9, the Chinese news Web site reported on Tuesday. The animal has three eyes, two noses and two snouts.

The report said the sow gave birth to 10 piglets, but only one had the unique characteristics, according to the caretaker of the animals identified only as Du, who had been working in animal farms the past 11 years. He said it is the first time he saw such an animal with a strange appearance.

Du observed that the strange-looking piglet walked unsteadily and had some difficulty suckling, despite having two mouths.

The director of the Nanchang City's veterinary unit said that deformity ratio in pigs are often low, and in such cases, it could be the pig had eaten some mildewy fodder before it gave birth.

The director, identified only as Wan, said the piglet has a low rate of survival because it may not get enough nutrients since it has two brains and two mouths, which cause problems with feeding.

Nature has caused different forms of freakiness in some animals, such as this one with an extra pair of legs coming out from its midriff.


Were these piglets born in Australia, their owners could probably even make a tidy sum by selling the animals to the Mutant Barnyard, a travelling freak animal exhibit.

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