'Scandal' Season 3 Spoilers: Elections to Play a Big Role

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By Anshu Shrivastava | December 16, 2013 6:16 PM EST

There were four major developments in the mid-season finale of "Scandal" Season 3, "Door Marked Exit." Rowan was unseated as the command of B613, Jake became the new command, Olivia figures out that her mother fooled her father, and Huck said to Quinn that she is no longer the gladiator.  

In the episode, Rowan said to the President that he does not love Olivia and that she is just a door marked exit for him. Also, he told the President that he think he is unworthy for his formidable daughter. The end result of the conversation, the President teamed-up with Jake to end Rowan's reign as the command of B613.

Talking about the mid-season finale, Kerry Washington, who plays Olivia Pope, said to The Hollywood Reporter: "... It's interesting because he (Rowan) is suddenly unseated [from B613]. He has been the most powerful person on the show in so many ways, and this is such a drastic change in his status."

It is unlikely that Rowan will quietly accept his ouster and forced retirement. He is likely to strike-back and as the command of B613, he knows more than the combined force of President or Jake.     

Jack gave Olivia a goodbye kiss before taking over the job at B613. The episode did not show Olivia's reaction to the news of Jake being the new command. Kerry said to The Hollywood Reporter that "it's shocking for Olivia that he would step into that. It's very confusing and upsetting for her."

The episode also revealed that Olivia's mother has not gone anywhere. She is in Washington D.C. Kerry said that she does not know whether her character gets to meet her mother, again or not.

Kerry did not reveal much about the storyline of the upcoming episodes. However, the actress indicated that Shonda Rhimes, creator of "Scandal," has said that elections will play a "big role" in the second instalment of "Scandal" Season 3.

Meanwhile, TV Line reports that "Scandal" team has roped in Jon Tenney to play the role of Andrew. It is speculated that he will be Mellie's love interest.     

"Scandal" Season 3 consists of 18 episodes.

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