Victorian Guy Swallowed Maggots In Pre-Cooked Chicken From Woolworths Supermarket

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By Christine Lazaro | December 16, 2013 4:53 PM EST

A Victorian guy was shocked and furious after discovering that he accidentally swallowed maggots from a precooked chicken bought from Woolworths, a giant supermarket.

According to Yahoo News Australia, chicken used to be Jayson Croom's favorite food but not until he made the gross purchase from the known supermarket in Sale, Victoria. He brought the issue to the official Facebook page of Woolworths by posting this statement: "Maggots in my chicken! Yes you read right!"

"I had maggots in my mouth and then I swallowed them which is how I realised what had happened, because one was crawling around my lip!" Croom added.

Croom said Woolworths told him to wait for a follow-up call by next week before hanging up on him. With more frustration to vent out, he mentioned his response via Facebook as to how Woolworths should tackle the issue appropriately. He added it is just right for the company to "take incidents like this very seriously."

Herald Sun reported the unfortunate event has seriously converted his love for chicken totally bitter and sour like any spoiled food.

Other Disgusting Things Found by Aussies In Their Food

Collective-Evolution made a list in the past of scenarios that made it to the news about some Australians discovering gross things in the food they ate. In April  this year, an Australian girl ended up her brain damage due to an undercooked chicken she ate in the popular fast food chain, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KTC). The fastfood chain was obliged to pay around 8 million dollars to the family of the poor Aussie girl.

Another case was that of an Australian patron of McDonalds who discovered a cockroach stuck in an ordered ice coffee. Other cases of bugs found in controversial McDonald's food included a cockroach seen at the bottom part of a hash brown. also had their own list of weird stuff found in foods. Some of the weirdest instances included a Subway Bun discovered to have 7-inch-knife found inside, dead frog inside a Pepsi can, condom in a clam chowder soup and a lot more.

So which do you consider most gross?

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