Pokemon X and Y News: Pokemon X and Y Version 1.2 Update Curbs Cheating, Pokemon Bank Trailer and Release Date

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By Gel Galang | December 16, 2013 3:46 PM EST

For those who have been worried about how the "Pokemon X and Y" cheat software like the Battle Analyze can affect the entire game, there's need to worry anymore. It seems that the pleas and the need for fair game has reached Game Freak, as the newest "Pokemon X and Y" update 1.2 addresses this.

Nintendo.com has released the details that come with the update, which includes fixes for occasional bugs that prevents Pokemons from learning new moves after evolving via Wonder Trade. Also, the bug for captions on Trainer PR videos has been fixed.

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The guidelines also states that the new update should be downloaded in order for updates connected to Internet features of "Pokemon X and Y" to be applied.

According to Destructoid, the update deems both the Battle Analyzer and the Instacheck programs no longer functional, as the battles online have already been reactivated.

For those who have been a bit out of the loop, the Battle Analyzer is one of the more known cheating tools, which have been disseminated via forums. It enables "Pokemon X and Y" users to predict the moves and stats of an opponent's Pokemon that they are using in battle.

There is no way to tell whether gamers are playing against an opponent that makes use of this "Pokemon X and Y" cheat program, which made it a very valuable piece of cheat that angered the community. The original program was Instacheck, which was one of the tools that enabled easier ways for "Pokemon X and Y" gamers to find Shinies in the game.

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Pokemon Bank and Poke Teleported Dated with Trailers

Pokemon gamers should mark their calendars for Dec 27---this will be the day that players will be able to bring their old pokemons to "Pokemon X and Y."

The Pokemon Company has announced that Pokemon Bank will debut on the 3DS eShop come Dec 27, reports GameSpot. This new feature will let a player store up to 3,000 Pokemons in the cloud and access them via the Net.

Along with the Pokemon Bank, players can also take advantage of the Poke Transporter, which lets them bring their captured pocket monsters from old Pokemon games like "Black and White to Pokemon X and Y."

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As a bonus for the "Pokemon X and Y" community, The Pokemon Company is giving a window for players to get a 30-day free trial for the service---that is, if gamers download the Pokemon Bank anytime between Dec 27 and Jan 30, 2014. After that, the service will cost $4.49. This is a pretty good deal considering what players can do in "Pokemon X and Y" with the introduction of new Pokemons from previous generations.

Check out the trailer for the Pokemon Bank below:

(Credit: YouTube/pokemon)

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