Samsung Galaxy S4 Problems: How to Fix Rebooting Problem, Battery Issues, Boot Loops and Blocked Contacts

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By Precious Silva | December 16, 2013 1:59 PM EST

The Samsung Galaxy S4 remains one of the most powerful Android smartphones around. Despite its impressive performance, users can be plagued with problems from time to time. Some of these include rebooting issues, battery drain, blocked contacts and boot loops. A quick rundown of the fixes should help. 

Rebooting Problems and Battery Issues 

Some users complain about rebooting problems whenever their battery percent reaches 51 per cent. According to a report by The Droid Guy, the only way the user can restart the handset is through plugging the charger. Other problems include rebooting issues that go into a loop. 

When the battery gets stuck at 51 per cent, the quick fix will be a simple calibration. To do this, drain the battery of the device until it turns off automatically. Leave it for around 30 minutes to 1 hour to drain residual power. Following this, plug the handset but do not turn it on. Start the phone once it is 100 per cent charged. However, this will only address the battery problem related to rebooting issue. If this fails, users should address the boot loop problem. 

Boot Loop 

Boot loop is a common problem among Samsung Galaxy S4 users. The problem actually persists across other Android devices. The following sums up some of the ways to fix the issue:

  • Most users reported that doing a factory reset can address the problem. Factory reset removes the cache partition including the dalvik cache.
  • Removing SD card - according to a user reported by The Droid Guy, removing the MicroSD helps the device to boot up properly. If the problem persists, it might be a good idea for owners to buy a new microSD. A discussion on XDA Developers also supports the idea of replacing the MicroSD to fix the problem.
  • Reformatting external storage - reformatting the external storage to FAT32 file system should also help resolve the problem.

Blocked Contacts 

Some users reported they were unable to stop a contact from sending messages or calling even if they blocked the sender/caller. To solve this issue, follow the steps/instructions provided:

1.       Put the Number Under Blocked List - restart the handset or do a soft reset. To do the reset, press the power and lock button for 10 seconds until the handset reboots. Block calls and SMS on the Samsung Galaxy S4.

2.       To block calls, go to Settings> My Device > Call > Call Rejection. Choose Auto Reject List and enter the phone number of the contact.

3.       To block SMS, open Messaging App. Tap and hold the message and then choose "Add to Spam Numbers." Choose Ok. Another way is to go to the Messaging app, choose Menu> Settings> Enable Spam Settings. Select the Add to Spam Numbers option. Choose the (+) sign. Enter the number of the contact. Users can also open the Contacts section and choose the person they want to block.

4.       Use Apps - there are telemarketers who can work their way around technology and bypass standard blocking functions in handsets. They can "camouflage" their numbers allowing them to contact customers. Aside from blocking the calls and SMS natively, users should download an app that can filter unknown callers. Users can find a range of apps from Google Play and other third party providers. Some popular blocking applications include Call Blocker, Call Filter and Call Control, among others. 

These are just some of the ways users can fix problems plaguing their Samsung Galaxy S4.

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