iPhone 5S vs. Nexus 5: 5 Premiums You Get When Buying Apple Flagship Over Google for Christmas 2013

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By Erik Pineda | December 16, 2013 1:57 PM EST

The search is on for the smartphone to take home this Christmas and if the choice is between iOS and Android, it all boils down to the two flagships - Apple's iPhone 5S and Google's cream of the crop, the Nexus 5.

Analysts say the battle between the two devices is determined by ecosystem and pricing, which when stats come into play the Nexus 5 emerge as the handset of choice, running on the most dominant mobile platform in the world and sporting an affordable price tag while boasting of upscale inside components.

Buying into the iPhone 5S is getting a helluva of a device package and below are the premium features that will be unboxed when it is picked over the Nexus 5:

Oozing with sex appeal

For many, the strongest magnet for a smartphone buy is the 'stun factor' - buyers are immediately glued on the device on display and more so following some moments of hands on. The iPhone 5S epitomises a near-perfect product - hard to resist from a distance and harder to put when experienced.

The form-factor alone is a winner but when the 5S killer features start unleashing, it is quite hard for the Nexus 5 to compete. The choice is easy for buyers to pick the pretty iPhone 5S, a recipient of top-notch craftsmanship that is wrapped a melded glass and metal. To date, the 5S build and look are relatively unmatched, making it a downright winner against any rivals.

One-hand use

True, the phablet rage is on but for millions of mobile phone users, ease of use remains premium over sprawling screen. At 4-inch, the iPhone 5S is dwarfed by the 4.9-inch Nexus 5 but the former stays true in being a mobile device that is easy to use. The 5S is optimised for making and receiving calls, sending and receiving messages then more with one glaring edge - users can navigate their way through the phone with the use of a single hand.

Now, that is just perfect for mobile use.

Camera prowess

Reviewers have been generally kind to the Nexus 5. Some dubbed it as the one of the few Androids that really matter. However, if there is one thing that Google could improve on the phone, it is the camera. Compared to other Android flagships, what the Nexus 5 offers pale in comparison,

More so when it is pitted against the iPhone 5S, which experts said benefits from incredible hardware upgrades from the last iteration and impressive software tweaks from the iPhone 5. In the 5S, Apple seemed to have perfected cool shooting features such as the capture of filtered clips and images without compromise on the quality.

Robust security

In the iPhone 5S, Apple is gradually proving that mobile device security will soon become obsolete. With Touch ID fingerprint scanner, the tech giant declared that pass codes inputs to gain entry on a smartphone or tablet will soon be a thing of the past. And Touch ID is only the beginning of Apple's relentless efforts to include tougher security protocols and measures with its iOS devices and other products.

The vaunted Apple ecosystem

If the iOS and Android feud is a basketball game, then the former has the luxury of fielding a deeper bench come battle time. To date, iOS is able to lure more developers and third-party providers, who deem the system more worthy of their time and effort.

That would mean for iPhone 5S users greater collection of applications and wider choice of device accessories, which translate to more personalisation options and better if not more affordable price tags.

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