New Zealand Border Guards Seize 2 Kg of Rooster Testicles Carried by Male Passengers from Vietnam (VIDEOS)

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By Vittorio Hernandez | December 16, 2013 10:04 AM EST

Biosecurity officials of New Zealand seized from a man who came from Vietnam two kilogrammes of rooster testicles which he intended to eat. The man declared them upon arrival at the Auckland International Airport.

He placed the items in a chilly bin which also had fish and other food for his family, a spokesman from the Ministry for Primary Industries disclosed. The testicles resemble baked beans.


The items were destroyed because of risk of disease. New Zealand and Australia are very strict when it comes to bringing in food and agricultural products from other nations and impose heavy fines on travelers caught with these banned items.

Quoting Revoltingfoodblog, NZ City explained that rooster testicles are called chicken beans in the U.S., and appears and has texture like tofu. When cooked rare, connoisseurs said the leftover liquid inside squirt inside the mouth when bitten.


Another cooking Web site, CloveGarden, said rooster testicles are popular delicacy in some Asian nations, believed to have some aphrodisiac effect on males and help women improve their skin tone.


It could be cooked grilled or fried, but in Asia it is often served in a broth with mushroom or vegetables.

The male traveler was not penalised for bringing in the rooster testicles because he declared them.

Among the banned items that New Zealand border guards have confiscated the past 12 months include 12 tiger penises, a monkey's head, two suitcases of live parrots, rabbit faeces, cattle urine and rat curry.

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