‘Katie’ Speaks Up; Girl At The Centre Of Global Search Wants Kiwi Reese McKee To Call Her

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By Anne Lu | December 15, 2013 9:29 PM EST

“Katie” has been found, but the Kiwi man who launched the global online search for her hasn’t contacted her yet. Katie Capp said she wants to talk to Reese McKee, who asked the Internet for help in finding her after a chance meeting, but admitted that she doesn’t know if she likes him yet.

25-year-old McKee from New Zealand met a crying “Katie from DC” on a street in Hong Kong on New Year’s Eve of 2013. Katie, an American, got lost from her friends so McKee tried to cheer her up. He kept her company with his “undeniably bad sense of humour,” and they just basically had a good time together for a brief period until she reunited with her friends at 6am.

Her parting words to him were “Find me,” and his to her were, “Yeah, I’ll find you.”

They never exchanged contact details, and he only knew her as “Katie from DC,” but he wanted to fulfil his promise. So with just less than a month before the New Year, McKee sought for help online, creating a Facebook page called “A New Year’s Promise” to ask Netizens to help him look for the elusive Katie.

His heartfelt plea captured the attention of romantics from all over the world. McKee’s story was read over 100,000 times on the New Zealand Herald, and was featured on other media sites. And in just a few days with their help, McKee was able to find his Katie, but he hasn’t contacted her yet.

He told the Herald that his search created a worldwide buzz that got a bit out of hand. There were people who tracked down every Katie in the DC area, and the real Katie had to take down her public profiles offline when she was inundated with messages from strangers, prompting him to delete the Facebook page.

McKee said that he planned to get in touch with her “when things died down a little bit.”

Apparently, the Kiwi thought that Katie wanted nothing to do with him when she deleted her online profiles. But fortunately for him and for everyone who has been following their story online, that is not the case at all. In fact, Katie is just waiting for his call.

Katie is Katie Capp, a 20-year-old student in the south of France who is originally from Virginia, and she is willing to give McKee a chance.

Speaking to the Daily Mail exclusively, Capp admitted that she might have feelings for the lovelorn Kiwi as well, but she still hasn’t made up her mind whether she likes him or not.

“I’m still waiting for him to get in touch,” the hopeful American said.

The best news of all? Capp, who is taking Franch classes at the Sciences Po University in Paris, doesn’t have a boyfriend, which is makes it possible for a real love story between her and McKee to develop.

“But I don’t want to say anything until I’ve spoken to Reese. And he hasn’t been in contact yet,” Capp said, adding that she’s open to going on a date with him in the future.

So now Katie and all the romantics in the world are waiting for McKee to make the next move and just call her already.

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