‘Reign’ Episode 8 RECAP: Mary Ditches Francis after a Friend Dies in ‘Fated’

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By Anshu Shrivastava | December 13, 2013 5:25 PM EST

It is the morning after the love making. Francis and Mary are frolicking in the bed. Francis teases Mary about the gossip on her unmade bed, and hopes that he had got her pregnant as that would speed-up their marriage. He talks about their ruling France and Scotland, and leaving the countries to their children and grandchildren. The happy session is interrupted when a guard knocks and enters Francis' room to inform about the arrival of the Pope's emissary.

An injured Kenna wants King Henry to be solely hers, and cut all the ties with Diane. She believes that the Count of Naples tortured her more because they saw her as the mistress of King Henry. King Henry expresses his incapability of giving her the exclusive status. He does not know whether Diane is his habit or a crutch, but he needs her. King Henry tells Kenna he will chose Diane over her.   

Bash tells his mother that he does not want his brother's job. Diane reminds him that Mary will marry the next King of France. Bash is not interested in winning a woman by that way. Diane is discreetly communicating with Pope to make Bash legitimate. However, the Pope's emissary is not there for that.

Tudor Queen is dying and since there is no legitimate heir to the throne of England, Mary is a strong claimant to the throne. King Henry wants Francis and Mary to get married, which will ensure that Mary's claim is backed by forces of France.  King Henry calls it God's will as he wants England at any cost, while Nostradamus sees the vision of Francis dying. King Henry's hate for England as they had spilled France's blood on France's soil overrule any concern that Mary has for her country's people and the bloody war.

Diane warns Bash to keep a distance from Mary as no one is worth dying for. She tells her son that he cannot want her, not in secret and not even in his heart. Diane feels that Mary wants him, too. Bash says the situation is like cool glass of water and he dying of thirst.  

An emissary of Pope mistakes Kenna as Diane. He mentions about the communication that Diane is having with the Vatican to legitimise Bash. To Kenna, he reveals that King Henry has no inkling about the correspondence that is taking place. The Pope cannot legitimise Bash. Equipped with the new explosive information against Diane, Kenna visits Queen Katherine's room. She tells her about what Diane is up to, as she wants to eliminate Diane and get her exclusive right over King Henry. Queen Katherine says that Diane is trying to rattle the chain of France's success when the country can least afford. King Henry may love Diane and adore Bash, but he cannot tolerate that. Diane's act can be seen as an act of treason, which means death punishment. Queen Katherine intends to see how the information will best serve her.

Mary is worried about the war if she claims the throne of England. She doesn't want to start a war. Francis tells her to marry him and they can deceive his father. He tells her that he will love her until the day he dies, and that together, they will decide what is right as husband and wife. He gets down on his knee and asks Mary to marry him. Mary says "Yes." They both plan to get married the next night.

Queen Katherine is planning to poison Mary to protect her son. Nostradamus talks her out of it, and tells her to have a talk with Mary about the prophecy. Queen Katherine tells Mary that she will be the cause of Francis death and Francis' fate will be sealed. She wants Mary to walk away from the marriage and walk away from Francis. Katherine tells Mary that if she talks with Francis, he will talk her out of it. Mary does not believe Queen Katherine and directly asks Nostradamus. He says that this fate cannot be changed. He also tells her about one of her friend's dying before the melting of the frost.  

Queen Katherine tells Diane to get out of the Castle and to get out of Kind Henry's life, as she knows about her plans to make Bash legitimate. She will keep the secret if Diane disappears. She also wants Diane to take one thing off her plate -- that is Keene. Queen Katherine cannot stand betrayal and stupidity, and Keene has been found guilty of both.  

A concoction arrives for a recuperating Keene. It is Aylee who drinks it. Later while walking in a dizzy state, she is pushed down the stairs by Clarissa. The drink was poisoned. However, Diana did not use the poison given to her by Queen Katherine to kill Keene. It is Clarissa's doing as she wanted Mary to believe Nostradamus' prophecy and not marry Francis. Nostradamus is not happy to know that, and she had used his poison to cause the death of Aylee.

Mary decides to go back, alone. She informs King Henry that she does not want to claim the throne of England, and that she is walking away from France. Francis is ready to marry her on their terms and tells her that he loves her. Mary tells him that she cannot let people die because of her and that love is the privilege that they don't share. Francis tells her that he won't ever let her go and to wait for him. She tells him that she will wait for him.

Diane has decided to disappear for a while and wait for the right moment to meet King Henry to make him understand her position.  She wants Bash to go away, too.

Bash and Mary share the same destination - that is far way. They go away riding on their horses, without any guards. Francis runs after them, trying to stop Mary but is unable to do that. Bash and Mary gallop away, while Francis is heart-broken. 

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