Pokemon X and Y News: New Shiny Chaining Method Found; Another Pokemon Effectiveness Chart; and Potential Movie Leaks

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By Gel Galang | December 13, 2013 4:20 PM EST

Those who are still trying to find a way to find Shiny Pokemons via the chaining method may find this new discovery from a Redditor to be helpful.

Posted by TruthAlone, the new method to Chaining Shinies is said to have higher chains when you K.O. the Pokemon you are chaining with a super effective move.

The Redditor has only tested the effectiveness of the new method in Route 22, and has listed down how many streaks to have with how much effectiveness. On 40 streaks, it is listed that there are three successful captures: Plusle, Skiddo, and Bunnelby.

"It seems using super effective moves severely decreases the chances of breaking the chain. (Maybe one-hit K.O.s decrease the chances even more)," said TruthAlone.

Check out the Redditor thread above to see the developments of the new Shiny chaining method.

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Effectiveness chart for Pokemon X and Y

A recurring trend on Reddit for Pokemon X and Y is the creation of fan projects that are geared towards helping the community in organising information in the game.

Whether it's a guide for capturing Shinies or infographics and charts that can help players analyse Pokemon X and Y even more, these projects are pretty prolific in the community.

Another new project comes in the form of a Pokemon Effectiveness Chart coming from powerhungryhippo. The details and information in the chart are similar to the previous ones that have come out for it, but there are a handful of those in the community who find this to be more helpful, or at least more aesthetically organised than others.

You can check out the Pokemon X and Y effectiveness chart here, and see if it's the one that you can use for constant reference.

In similar news, the Pokemon Effectiveness web site, one of the more elaborate ones that were created earlier, has now been turned into an app and is available on iTunes. It first started out as an Android project, but it seems that the expansion is just starting out. You can download the iTunes app here for only $0.99.

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New leaks about the Pokemon X and Y movie

There has been talk about an upcoming Pokemon X and Y movie that will be coming out in 2014. In previous reports, there has been no mention of the upcoming movie's title or any further details about the story line.

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However, PokeJungle has found a leaked CoroCoro scan that reveals that a new 2014 Pokemon movie is releasing in Japan come next year. More specifically, the game is said to be set to debut in Japan during the summer season.

In addition, the title is said to be "Cocoon of Destruction" and will be featuring the two mega evolutions found in Pokemon X and Y, Xerneas and Yveltal. Whether or not this is another Pokemon X and Y movie or if it is also the one that has been announced and teased for the last couple of weeks is yet to be verified, but it's still an interesting upcoming offshoot from the game franchise nonetheless.

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