Viral Video on YouTube Captures Canadian Police Officer Getting ‘Rough’ on Woman, Viewers Appreciate Effort

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By Sounak Mukhopadhyay | December 13, 2013 4:07 PM EST

We have seen many viral videos in the past, but this one has to stand out. Two Canadian police officers are captured as they subdued a woman to arrest her. This video has gone viral, and the Hamilton officers in the video are widely praised for their act.

The video on YouTube is titled as 'Honest Cops'. It was posted on Wednesday, Dec 11. The woman in the video is seen screaming as the officers tried to calm her down. Officer Mark Morelli, the male officer seen in the video, uses his size for keeping the woman to the ground as he placed handcuffs on her. Subsequently, she was ushered back to a police vehicle - the National Post reports.

The man responsible for capturing the video asked Mr Morelli why he is using so much force to arrest the woman. Mr Morelli realised that the entire arrest procedure has been recorded on camera, so he decided to answer the question. He justified why the force is appropriate by saying that the woman tried resisting the arrest. Her resistance is so violent that she had to be kept down on the ground by force even though it may have looked nasty. The officer says that he was trying his best not to injure the woman but admitted that things may appear worse than they actually are.

Officer Chantal Wilson joined Mr Morelli during the arrest procedure, while Mr Morelli continued to justify his actions by saying that the mandate is to cause minimum damage to people during their arrest. That is, he said, what he tried to do. He added that he did not punch the woman or throw her on to the ground. He also said that he is no way interested in getting engaged in a wrestling match with the young woman.

The officer is also asked on record why the woman has to be arrested. Mr Morelli refuses to cite the reason why the woman is being arrested. He said that he is obliged to arrest the woman for her actions. He said that the woman deserves her privacy to be protected.

Most of the reactions to the video which has already gone viral are supportive to Mr Morelli's efforts as, according to some, the woman is clearly seen resisting violently. Some other people believe that the officer did not have to explain his actions to the person behind the camera, but he still did it.

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