Gaming News: YouTube Gameplay Video Flags Legit; The Last of Us on PS4 a Hoax; Call of Duty: Ghosts, AC4 DLC Dated

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By Gel Galang | December 13, 2013 3:10 PM EST

After the massive flagging of videogame walkthroughs and videos, as well as the sliver of hope that game publishers can rescue the situation, it seems that YouTube really has the last say in the matter.

The bad part is that what it's saying is not something that takes the side of the YouTube gameplay community as well as its supporters into consideration.

VentureBeat reports that even though the game publishers have fully given their consent for their content to be used in these gameplay videos by many gaming celebrities on YouTube, it doesn't necessarily save their videos from being flagged.

"We recently enabled Content ID scanning on channels identified as affiliates of [multichannel networks]. This has resulted in new copyright claims for some users, based on policies set by the relevant content owners. As ever, channel owners can easily dispute Content ID claims if they believe those claims are invalid," responded YouTube when VentureBeat reached out to it.

It seems that the bottom line of what YouTube is trying to do is to purge videos that monetise on content from other publishers. The report raises one important point, which is the fact that it fails to look at the crisis from the perspective of those under attack.

For instance, the gameplay video creators have the full permission of the game publishers---the likes of Capcom and Blizzard have already attested to this---and that those who make use of the Content ID policy are not even the publishers who own the game. Worse, even with this discrepancy in facts, YouTube does not seem to be considering the possibility of repeal.

And even though there is the choice of contesting the flags, the dispute can lead to an even harder time for the video uploader, as it can lead to more serious consequences, like their account being shut down completely.

*Xbox One gaming in Europe can be a bit harder on the wallet with higher priced games: Read the details here.

'The Last of Us' on Next Gen is a Hoax

Joining the ranks of hoaxes and fakes is "The Last of Us" version for the PS4, which has surfaced as an Amazon screenshot. While many fans may have been excited to see the game in even better graphics on Sony's next-gen, Spawnfirst has already proven that this version of the game is a hoax.

According to the report, there have already been clues regarding the authenticity of the PS4 version, such as the logos on the design, as well as the fact that instead of "The Last of Us," the actual game that will be landing on the PS4 is "The Order: 1886."

*Still looking for a PS4? You may want to check out Walmart this weekend. Read here for more.

The latter game has been slated for a Dec 31, 2014 release date, as seen here. On the other hand, the reception of the idea of "The Last of Us" on the PS4 could hopefully lead to Sony gearing up the title for a next-gen port.

DLC News: 'AC4,' 'Call of Duty: Ghosts'

The previously rumoured Wolf DLC pack is now a reality as Activision announces the availability of the cosmetic DLC for the Xbox One and Xbox 360. However, compared to previous rumours, the DLC is now priced at $1.99.

According to GameSpot, the player's companion dog, Riley, will become a wolf and make the five-kill move of the Guard Dog even more menacing with the wolf skin.

*Rarity may not be such a big thing in "Pokemon X and Y" anymore: Cloning a legendary is as easy as ever, as seen in this video.

Another bit of DLC add-on is the release date now pegged for "Assassin's Creed 4's" new DLC, Freedom Cry. Starting Dec (or Dec 18 in Europe), gamers can take Edward Kenway's first mate Adewale and step 15 years later into his life. VG 24/7 reports that the DLC will take a player through nine different missions and a whole new different adventure.

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