Christmas 2013: Consumer Complaints Prompts Manitoba Dollar Store to Pull Out Candy Gag Gift in Tablet Form That Claims to Cure Homosexuality

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By Vittorio Hernandez | December 13, 2013 10:22 AM EST

With Australia rejecting same-sex marriage and India banning consensual gay sex, nobody needs more gay jokes. Thus, a dollar store in Manitoba, Canada, had to pull out a gag gift that claims to cure homosexuality.

Called Gay Away, the holiday present is actually a candy in tablet form. It is marketed by a company called It appears to have been inspired by the Gay Away Prayer recited by some Christian groups designed to drive away the spirit of homosexuality from people who are sexually attracted to the same gender.


The item was the subject of consumer complaints, prompting the manager of Deals for Dollars in Gimli, Manitoba, to remove it from shelves on Wednesday morning after the store received its first call.

The manager, who gave only her first name - Leann - explained that the store did not order the offensive item from the manufacturer, but it was added by the supply representative. Removed with Gay Away were other items that were adult sex gags.

The store, on its own, volunteered to remove the item, which contrasts with another Canadian retailer in East Vancouver where police had to shutter after it received a tip that it sells branded goods at large discounts.

It turned out the whole inventory of known brands such as Prada, Coach, North Face, Acteryx, Tommy Hilfiger and Mexx were all stolen. The hidden store, found in a 500-square foot apartment in a building on the 5300 block of Victoria drive, even had clothing racks and a changing room.

The Vancouver Police Department estimated the total worth of the items at $250,000, including $70,000 worth of ice wine. Sgt Randy Fincham said most of the items still had $500 price tags attached, but it was selling at one-third the price.

Besides clothes, the goods include designer wallets, perfumes, sunglasses and baby clothing.

The police arrested two females from Vancouver, aged 45 and 53, but later released them from custody. Police said the items were shoplifted and brought to the store which became known to shoppers by word of mouth and through social media.

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