“American Horror Story-Coven” Recap of Episode 9: Hank Dead, Bloodshed Forces Marie to Seek Fiona's Help; Delia Can See in 'Head'

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By Anshu Shrivastava | December 12, 2013 6:00 PM EST

"American Horror Story-Coven" Recap of Episode 9 "Head": At Chattahoochee National Forest in 1991, a father offers his young son coffee to drink. "We've been hunters for generation, son. You'll be fine," the father tells his son, handing him a rifle. It is the son's first witch hunting experience and he is a nervous-wreck. He is unable to shoot-down a witch and his father reminds him, "No Mercy, never forget what they are." The boy is Hank, the husband of Cordelia and heir of Delphi Trust of Atlanta. The main business of this trust is killing witches. It is Hank's father who had authorised the acid attack on Cordelia, thinking she will become dependent and will need Hank in her incapacitated state.  

The presence of the witch hunters, outside the academy, makes Fiona visit Marie, with the package containing the head of Madam LaLaurie. Fiona seeks for an alliance, bringing together of Coven and Marie's voodoo tribe. Marie is not interested in the offer, as she thinks witch hunters are coming for white witches. The head of Madam LaLaurie is handed over to Queenie. Fiona asks her to burn it in the fire pit. Queenie takes the head to her place and wants Madam LaLaurie to realise what she did to her black people. Queenie makes the head watch "Roots."  

Myrtle fixes Cordelia's eye-sight. Myrtle invites Quentin and Pembroke over for fruit salad time and the two see it as a reconciliation time. However, they are soon paralysed and Myrtle gouges out the eyes of Quentin and Pembroke using a melon baller. Later, Myrtle chops the body parts of the two council members and puts them in an acid full tub, dissolving them into beings of non-existence. It is probably her revenge on the two for voting in favour of burning her at stake.  

Cordelia does not know from where Myrtle got the two, different colour eye balls. She can see but has lost her psychic vision. Hank meets her and wants to get back in the academy. Despite the absence of her powerful vision, Cordelia has seen enough to know that their marriage is over and it time to take the divorce route. Cordelia asks Hank to pick his stuff and get out of the academy.

Hank's meeting with Cordelia takes place after Marie had made him bleed by sticking pin in his voodoo doll. She had warned him of putting the needle in his heart if he did not kill the witches that night. Hank loads all his guns and reaches Marie's parlour and sprays the bullets on everyone present there, including Queenie. He targets Marie and a bullet hits her shoulder and before he could finish her off, an injured Queenie pulls the trigger of a pistol in her mouth, which puts an end to Hank's life. Marie finally knocks at the academy's doors. Fiona welcomes her in.

Joan and Nan bond for a while after Joan believes that Nan is capable of communicating with her comatose son, mentally. However, the status-quo returns when Nan -- Luke's apparition telling her about the incidents in his life -- tells Joan that, she let loose bees in the car of Luke's father despite knowing that he is allergic to bees. Luke's father had died of bees' sting after he had asked for a divorce, having fallen in love with another woman.

The pipe that is feeding Luke is pulled out of his mouth. He regains consciousness for a moment and tells his mother that she had killed his father.  Joan tries to snuff the life out of her son using a pillow.

Madison and Zoe return to the academy to find strange, almost normal looking Kyle playing cards with Fiona. Fiona says that she has fixed him but not completely. 

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