Is Nokia Separating From Microsoft Using Android 'Normandy' Phone In the Future?

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By Ryan Inoyori | December 12, 2013 3:10 PM EST

For some people, Nokia running Android OS is a dream. But 'Normandy' was actually achieved and almost reached the market using Android operating system.

'Normandy' the Android Nokia

Nokia is now gearing up an Android smartphone under the codename 'Normandy' having the same entry-level classification of Asha budget phones. The Verge reported the Android smartphone being developed by Nokia, but according to BGR, Nokia is doing it for a purpose.

Nokia seemed to use a very specific form of leverage to force Microsoft in buying the entire handset unit, including massive low-level entries not fit to the smartphone plans of the Windows maker. This leverage is called the Android development program currently behind the Nokia curtains.

'Normandy' is a low-cost Android smartphone ready for commercialization that may be the weapon used by Nokia to force Microsoft in buying smartphone and feature phone operations.

Microsoft Forced To Acquire

Microsoft could have seen a future for Nokia to get back on track using Normandy and will leave Windows Phone OS once the company regained its strength to Android OS. This effect will potentially swallow Microsoft's market share in the growing battle of smartphones with Apple and Google.

But the acquisition put a stop on the Android development of Nokia and salvaged itself from great despise due to losing control over competition, making Microsoft a strong backbone. The drawback that is happening to Nokia is the inability to separate from its current backbone and may not join Android OS anytime soon.

What Happens If Normandy Succeeds?

Nokia once ruled the mobile device scene with user-friendly interface, variety of models, several price tags in every store and availability to almost all regions in the world. If the company only embraced Android sooner, Normandy may have hundreds of siblings today and Nokia is happy again to go head on vs. Samsung.

Here are several factors what made Nokia ruled mobile phone business before smartphones emerged:

1.      Variety of color schemes per model due to easily replaced back covers and housing.

2.      Nokia phones have easy navigation of SMS, MMS, games and apps.

3.      Don't forget they made several apps popular such as snake and space impacts.

4.      Back in days, Nokia release feature-packed phones with 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, camera and mp3 player.

5.      Nokia phones are simple to operate making them great appeal to the public.

6.      Nokia isn't afraid to develop unique technologies such as Morph Concept.

7.      Innovation is a must by bringing Carl Zeiss optics, load different mobile OS and new stylish design.

8.      Durability is noted by Nokia phones similar to Motorola units which survive most drops.

9.      Hardware components chosen by Nokia are not the source of the problem. They are the ecosystem of Windows Phone.

10.  Build quality is impressive, great camera module and integrated apps existed already from Nokia devices.

Normandy is going to be missed and should have been produced by Nokia to the market. So do you think Nokia can outmatch Samsung using Android OS?

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