Pokemon X and Y: Cloning Glitch Detailed; A New System for Info; FireRed and LeafGreen on iTunes

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By Gel Galang | December 12, 2013 3:03 PM EST

[UPDATE: Here's a new method to chaining Shinies on Route 22.]

A new glitch has been found for Pokemon X and Y, and this time, it lets you clone virtually any Pokemon that you have from one game to another. Nintendo 3DS Daily stumbled upon a video showing off how easy it is to clone a Pokemon X and Y by exploiting a glitch.

In the video, you can see the step-by-step guide to cloning a Pokemon. What you will need are two Nintendo 3DS and two separate copies of the game. According to the video creator, you can either have two games of your own, but since that's not common, it's also possible that you find a friend whom you can do the Pokemon X and Y cloning with.

The key here is getting the right timing, and having extra Pokemons that you can do away with. It's a case of equivalent exchange--that for you to clone a Pokemon, you need to sacrifice another Pokemon in the process.

You may need to practice a few times to get it right, and the YouTube user mootypwns gives a few pointers to look out for when you're doing the Pokemon X and Y cloning so you can get it right.

What this could potentially mean is that you can easily find a friend who has already obtained a rare Pokemon or even a legendary, and have it cloned to your own Pokemon X and Y game.

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New system to help in Pokemon X and Y

Despite the creation of the Pokemon X and Y cheat, the community of Redditors is still churning out some useful, safe tips to help those who want to get through the game without having to resort to shadier methods.

In this round of finds, Redditor TanMan2011 has created a complex chart detailing information, stats, and useful knowledge about the different pokemon in Pokemon X and Y.

"The list is organized in a 'New Number' system that moves Pokemon around to be with their [respective] groups," said TanMan2011.

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Other bits of information that you can find in the Google Documents chart include mega evolutions, location on where to get the megastone in Pokemon X and Y, gender, appearance in Kalos or Friend Safari, and even the most recent game from which you can transfer the Pokemon from.

You can also see their abilities and egg groups. The author of the document also includes special notes, to indicate potential differences in gender, how-to's on evolving them from another game, and even the Vivilon patterns in the locations.

Check out the Google Document containing the organised information on Pokemon X and Y here. Take note that this is pretty much a work in progress, and the creator may add in or edit information as more fans get a chance to take a look and provide feedback.

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New soundtracks feature FireRed and LeafGreen

According to Serebii, gamers in North America and Europe can now gain access to the new soundtracks that The Pokemon Company has released for its community.

This time, it will be the Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen, which will have over 90 tracks for the game and sold at £10.99 on iTunes.

The report has also announced the release of more soundtracks for more Pokemon games,including Ruby and Sapphire, HeartGold and SoulSilver, Black and White, Diamond and Pearl, Black and White, and Black 2 and White 2, though these will come some time in 2014.

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