Galaxy S5 Release Date is Very Near: 5 Reasons to Skip Galaxy S4 and Wait for Samsung’s 2014 Flagship

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By Erik Pineda | December 12, 2013 2:13 PM EST

The chatter is gaining considerable traction that the Galaxy S5 will make a surprise touchdown much earlier than thought of. The suggestions vary - some say the GS5 would materialise as early as Feb 2014 but others insist that April is the likely debut month of Samsung's new hero phone.

No doubt, the claims can be confusing but one thing is quite certain - the Galaxy S5 is arriving. And there are at least five reasons to forget a Galaxy S4 purchase between now and in the few months ahead and wait out or the next big thing from Samsung.

Monstrous upgrade

A number of reviewers dubbed the GS4 as not that major jump from the Galaxy S4 during the first few months that it became available. To a certain extent, the assessment rings true as some experts labelled the supposed new GS4 features and specs update as nothing more of gimmicky.

But that will not be the case with the GS5. Leaks, and some of them are supported by pronouncements coming from Samsung, have been painting the device as 64-bit of a behemoth that will draw power from the tandem of an 8-core processing chip and up to 3GB of RAM.

The screen size should go up to 5.2-inch, a wide enough view-finder for its 16MP rear cam shooter.

Improved body build

From the first Galaxy S to the GS4, Samsung so far showed that its body design language for the upscale handset is constantly evolving. For the Galaxy S5, the possibilities being floated around are nothing short of exciting - the device could be metallic this time or plastic or both.

Nothing is final for now as far as the GS5 form-factor is concerned but for sure, it will be sleek, slim and light as fresh reports point to the use of LDS antenna technology to achieve such an impressive device profile.

Better and latest Android build

There is no doubt that the Galaxy S4 will also enjoy the KitKat 4.4 treatment but when is the big question. Best bet would be anytime within Q1 2014 but chances are the GS5 will be unwrapped out of the box with KitKat in tow much sooner.

That has been the norm in Samsung, it rolls out its latest flagship smartphones bearing the latest Android and the Galaxy S5 will be no different.

Enhanced software and hardware support

It has been proven that Samsung and other device makers are more attentive to owners of their latest products to it follows that the GS5 will enjoy a more superior after-sales support both in the software and hardware departments.

And as the Galaxy S5 occupies the centre-stage in a few months' time, it will take quite some time before it exits out of favour. That means Samsung will surely dispatch hot fixes for the GS5 in extended time, way beyond after the GS4 is considered 'retired'.

Release date is looming

As mentioned, the wait will not be too long and the Galaxy S5 will surely materialise - very soon. Of course, it will not be this 2013 holiday season but as soon as 2014 sets in, it should be only a matter of few weeks.

If reports from South Korea are to be believed, volume production of the Galaxy S5 will commence January next year then landing time will be late in the month. Finally, release date of the GS5 can be expected by the middle part of February 2014.

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