Australian Incest Cult Discovered, 40 Adults and Children Raised to Have Sex with Each Other

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By Reissa Su | December 12, 2013 12:39 PM EST

Authorities have discovered an incest cult in a remote Australian valley with filthy and severely deformed children, suffering from child abuse for years.

The Colt family moved from one place to another to avoid detection. Unwashed and unkempt children born from generations of incest were found in a cult composed of 40 adults and teenagers in New South Wales, Australia.

The children were incapable of intelligent speech and some had physical deformities as a result of parents being related. In what is considered as the most appalling child abuse case in the country, over four generations of brothers, sisters, uncles and aunts had sexual intercourse with one another.

Their offspring were raised in deplorable conditions who grew up and had sex with their relatives, producing more inbred children.

The incest cult was only revealed when authorities in Australia were reportedly alerted of children in the hills who were not sent to school. When police turned up in the remote settlement on the hills, one female officer saw scenes which she said will "never get over."

Authorities found a large group of 40 adults and children living in two sheds and tents with no access to running water. The Colt family also had no toilets, showers or bathrooms. Police found a kangaroo sleeping on of the beds with trash and chainsaws scattered around the settlement.

When officials saw the deformities on some of the children, they were subjected to scientific tests. The tests would later on reveal that the children's oddly-formed features were due to homozygosity or having the same gene patterns of the children's parents, according to local reports.

All of the children, except one, had sexual relationships with each other. Only a five-year-old girl, the youngest of the children, had parents who weren't related. Authorities said the children were suffering from multiple health and hygiene problems.

The children had stunted and fragmented speech, incapable of taking a bath or use a toilet paper. A nine-year-old girl did not know what a toilet paper was and how to dry herself while taking a bath.

Authorities also discovered that the Colt family had originated a from a great-great grandparents who were a brother and sister. The incestual relationship produced inbred children through generations. As soon as the children were old enough, they had sex with one another.

Authorities had the children examined by psychologists. Horrific accounts of incestuous and underage sex resulted in pages and pages of court documents.

Five of the boys told their carers how they tortured animals in the farm such as cats and puppies. They revealed they mutilated the genitals of animals they found.

Some of the children have been placed under the care of foster families while others remain in treatment for psychological trauma and sexualised behaviour.

The "Colt" family name is only a pseudonym and the exact location has been kept a secret to protect the identities of the children. 

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