Ryan Gosling had Plastic Surgery Before he was Famous? [See Photos]

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By charmaine corne clutton | December 12, 2013 11:12 AM EST

Ryan Gosling is a heartthrob no doubt. You can be assured that Gosling is not only a good looking actor but an actor that has the talent as well.

Before he was famous, Gosling played quite a few minor roles. Gosling gained fame and was recognized for his acting skills after he portrayed the role of "Noah" in "The Notebook" alongside Canadian actress Rachel McAdams. Lo and behold, Gosling was then not only known for his acting prowess but for his great looks and physique.

Recent reports have been published saying that Gosling had a little help before he was famous to enhance his "Oh too good" looks. As reported by thedailymail.co.uk, Gosling had undergone plastic surgery before he was famous.

In the article: Hey girl, has Ryan Gosling had a nose job? Heartthrob reported to have gone under the knife before he was famous, Gosling was said to have undergone the knife, getting a nose job in the process.

This particular beauty blogger that had started the whole rumor abou Gosling wrote in her blog which was reported by thedailymail.co.uk had said the following about Gosling:

"Do you think his nose is a little thinner, shorter, straighter and less projecting now? The bridge looks straighter, so it's possible that he may have already had the "work" done by this point. Or had repeat nose jobs."

The blogger known as Villet had also given her opinion saying:

"I say it's straighter, the tip has been removed and the nostrils have been refined - but we're talking tiny, tiny. To me, his nose clearly looks quite different compared to the early days."

Do you think Gosling had a nose job? Some experts say that he had a rhinoplasty which does really do much to show that a celeb has undergone the knife to enhance their features. We can all say that couldn't it be that Gosling just aged and matured well hence his features had changed a bit since he was a teen?

This could be the best reason, many celebrities just get better with age-Johnny Depp, George Clooney, Brad Pitt and even Robert Downey Jr.

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