‘Big Brother Australia’ 3rd Placer Tahan Threatening To Sue Blogger

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By Anne Lu | December 11, 2013 3:52 PM EST

“Big Brother Australia” third place finisher Tahan Lew Fatt is threatening to sue a “blogger chick” for whatever reason still unclear. She is assumed to be gunning for blogger Leesa Little, who has consistently documented proofs of the former housemate’s alleged unfair advantage on the show.

On Sunday, the part-time model tweeted a cryptic post, saying “some blogger chick is about to get a letter from a lawyer! Can’t wait!!”

Tahan did not name the “blogger chick” or if she herself has hired a lawyer, but based on her fans’ replies, it appears that she is indeed threatening someone through her lawyer.

As her fellow ex-housemate Xavier Bait gleefully replied, he was glad that the blogger’s “integrity has kept going on the downward slide!”

Xavier doesn’t exactly have the best relationship with many of the Big Brother Australia fans on Twitter, but there’s one blogger who managed to ruffle his feathers more than once. Leesa Little of the Social Observant blog has had quite a few confrontations with him on social media, particularly during the times when she called him out on his less than savoury behaviour on Twitter.

So with Xavier cheering Tahan on, it’s highly likely that it was Leesa whom Tahan was referring to when she wrote the said post.

Also, it’s through Leesa’s blog that many viewers of the show became aware of Big Brother’s alleged Tahan favouritism. Her posts were enlightening and difficult to dismiss since she has gathered proofs from the social media account of the people involved, including Tahan’s boyfriend David Reynolds, Big Brother voice Leon Murray, and host Mike Goldman.

(Read these posts from the Social Observant to get an idea.)

And while the blog is fairly new (launched just in September), it has already gathered a lot of followers, with many viewers reading her posts for non-Big Brother-protected answers to sensitive issues. So to say that her blog is influential is just putting it mildly, and that’s most probably why some housemates were threatened.

Threatened enough to, say, cry for legal help, maybe?

But if the speculations are correct and Tahan was referring to Leesa, it doesn’t make sense because the articles she wrote, if Tahan has read any, didn’t say that Tahan has cheated in any way. Her supporters, her boyfriend, and even the Big Brother producers maybe, but Tahan was spared of any allegations.

“Whatever I said in regard to Tahan was typically aimed at BB and their bias; bias based on how they benefitted from her higher profile. I think it’s safe to say that she didn’t actually read the blog, and if she did, she’s either abusing the justice system or just really has no idea that she hasn’t a leg to stand on,” the blogger wrote on Facebook.

Leesa, however, had written in one of her articles how the housemates interacted with Twitter followers after the show, and both Xavier and Tahan didn’t rate highly in her opinion, and she had screenshots to explain her views.

Tahan hasn’t mentioned what’s her real issue with the blogger chick so it’s still unclear what legal charge is she aiming for, though. But if it’s indeed the Social Observant blogger who is set to receive a letter from her attorney, isn’t that a bit desperate move?

After all, the show is over and, even if we deny it, the participants will all inevitably follow the course of reality TV fame phase and simply fade from the limelight eventually (unless, of course, they are special and marketable enough to last a long time).

It’s unlikely that the blogger in question is a bit worried, but threats of any kind such as this one can still be stressful for anyone. It would be interesting to see how Tahan would play this out, though.

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