iPhone 6 Release Date Update: Curved Display, Liquidmetal & Sapphire Glass to Make an Amazing-Looking and Robust iOS Phablet

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By Erik Pineda | December 11, 2013 2:15 PM EST

More evidences are coming out that on its release date the iPhone 6 is a concoction of killer features from the inside and incredible craftsmanship plus durability on the outside.

In a new patent awarded to Apple this week, it was revealed that the company has developed a new manufacturing technique that paves the way for the inclusion of curved touch sensors to upcoming iOS and OS X devices.

According to Apple Insider, "the patent's claims specifically cover use of the technology in displays, touch pads and touch mice, among other devices."

With the new method, curved touch surfaces will be part of future Apple devices with the prime benefits of less production glitches such as warping and deformation.

To achieve rigid and flexible display on the iPhone 6 and other devices, Apple engineers thought of coating the bendable display panel with a thin film before it to tempering, a process that allows some amount of moulding a solid material while lending it robustness once completed.

"The process results in a non-deformed curved touch sensor stack up with a thin film that benefits from the high-temperature anneal," Apple Insider said.

This new technology is expected to meld with an earlier Apple patent that hinted the use of Liquidmetal on upcoming iPhone and iPad models. The material is malleable during the manufacturing stage that allows for virtually any device mould which Apple plans to use on the iPhone 6.

Once Liquidmetal has been moulded to the desired shape and form then subjected to controlled tempering, the gadget that it houses, in this case the iPhone 6, becomes almost indestructible, Apple said.

And as if aiming to come out with the perfect iOS device in the rumoured Apple phablet next year, the tech giant will also reportedly include sapphire glass and coating to its supply chain, this time giving the material more prominent role.

Note that sapphire is already in the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S, guarding the former's rear camera lens and protecting the latter's Touch ID fingerprint scanner from scratches and natural wear and tear.

In the iPhone 6, however, sapphire is rumoured not only to replace Corning Gorilla Glass as the handset's display panel protector but also its overall thin-film coating. Sapphire is seen to blanket the whole of iPhone 6 - its back portion, the four edges and the front panel, with the material wrapping up the bezel and the screen.

With these perceived killer outer features, plus screen sizes ranging from 4.7-inch to 5.7-inch, and power specs inside that is bannered by a 64-bit A8 processing chip, the iPhone 5S replacement is shaping up to be a large-screen, powerful, tough and sexy-looking iOS device.

Release date of the iPhone 6 is pegged by analysts for the second half of 2014 though some Apple insiders insist D-Day could come as early as June of the same year.

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