The Pirate Bay Dodges Authorities and Resurfaces with .AC Following Domain Name Seizure

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By Tarun Mazumdar | December 11, 2013 1:48 PM EST

The entertainment industry pressured the domain registry of Sint Maarten to seize The Pirate Bay's .SX domain. The popular file sharing site has not been taken down but it has quickly moved to a new address on .AC ccTLD on Ascension Island. The Pirate Bay sources told Torrent Freak that this new domain is not the final destination as it is a UK-controlled domain. TPB will soon move to a safer place in the future.

Users of The Pirate Bay were shocked to know that the website was no longer functioning. The nameservers were removed from domain without any warning. It was impossible for users to load the pages in locations where DNS entries were not cached.

Torrent Freak was informed by The Pirate Bay team that the .SX registry has apprehended the domain overnight. The operators of TPB quickly moved to It uses ccTLD of Ascension Island. It has been speculated that BREIN (Dutch anti-piracy group) has pressured the authorities to shut down or seize the domain of The Pirate Bay.

In a letter to the contact e-mail address for TPB's domain which is registered to Fredrik Neij (co-founder, The Pirate Bay), BREIN stated that the website breaches on the rights of copyright holders across the globe.

"We expressly point out that by registering domain names and using these and/or allowing these to be used by The Pirate Bay, you infringe on the rights of Rights Owners. Therefore, the Rights Owners hold you liable for the damages that they have suffered and will suffer from your actions," read the letter to TPB.

In 2013, this is the fourth time that The Pirate Bay had to switch the domain to avoid being shut down for good.

The Pirate Bay plans to move to the Peruvian (.PE), very soon. TPB assured Torrent Freak that if that doesn't work, then they will move to other domain names on reserve. 

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