Samsung Galaxy S5 Roundup: Top 10 Factors Pushing Q1 2014 Launching Date

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By Ryan Inoyori | December 11, 2013 12:12 PM EST

Samsung Galaxy S5 inevitably coming in 2014 with out-of-this-world technology followed by Galaxy S series. Here are the top factors pushing Galaxy S5 announce date in Q1 2014!

64-Bit Support Processor

Samsung will use an improved Exynos octa-core processor with 64-bit support to match Apple's iPhone 5S. This rumoured 64-bit Exynos SoC with true octa-core processors using ARM's big.LITTLE technology is expected to be out by Q1 2014 and possible to appear on Galaxy S5.

ISOCELL Camera Sensor

Rumours believe that Samsung will settle on a 16 MP rear camera for Galaxy S5 which features Auto Focus and Samsung's ISOCELL camera module. ISOCELL boosts picture quality and video recordings under low-light scenes however; other reports claim that S5 won't have any Optical Image Stabilisation technology.

Brand-New OS

It is so timely that Google just released the next-generation Android version and Samsung will use it on their next-generation Galaxy S5 in 2014. Android fans can expect all-new tweaks from Samsung such as updated TouchWiz UI and enhanced Galaxy S apps.

PLS LCD Display Module

One of the latest rumours on Galaxy S5 is the PLS LCD display technology coming on next-generation flagship devices including Galaxy Note 4. Samsung will use this type of display to reduce production cost by almost 20 per cent that speeds up overall production rate of S5. However, Samsung gets huge benefits on using Super AMOLED technology and so far have grown better almost with same quality of the best LCDs.

Design Schematics

Galaxy S5 may not exactly differ in terms of design with S4 except for thinner body, narrower bezel and sexier look. Nowhereelse leaked a part that claims to be Galaxy S5's internal shell. The alleged part is made of metal from the smartphones internal shell in order to boost quality compared with plastics. But EOSOne claims that Samsung plans to make two variants - metal and plastic models.

Galaxy Note 3 Tech

In order to make Galaxy S5 enjoy thinner and slimmer design, Samsung will use the same integrated antennas on Galaxy Note 3 which shrinks the thickness of a large smartphone. LDX antenna technology was used on Note 3 that is located in the plastic back of the phablet instead inside the body of the device.

Fingerprint or Retina Sensor

Apple's breakthrough on Fingerprint ID technology boiled rumours of Samsung's upcoming Retina Eye scanner. Report from Reuters indicated that the biometric technology firm Fingerprint Cards is hoping to be used by Samsung for its technology next year. According to the tech firm, around 7 to 8 firms are planning to add fingerprint sensors in 2014 including LG and Huawei.

Slimmer RAM Chip

It is unusual that only Exynos chipset will get an upgrade, of course there is one for the RAM. Early reports claim that Samsung may include an ultra-slim RAM which lessens power consumption and giving larger space for other components without compromising performance. Moreover, an ultra-slim RAM can give positive impact to the battery space for a larger battery pack.

Bigger Battery Unit

Just like with Galaxy S3 and S4, expect a bigger battery pack on Galaxy S5 but with the influence of an ultra-slim RAM chip and better antennae, the next-generation smartphone may actually feature longer-lasting battery life this time. Other technologies such as Exynos 6 octa-core 64-bit processor and low-power RAM may aid to significantly reduce battery consumption.

Less Overheating

Exynos 6 octa-core 64-bit processor has been reported to feature ARM's big.LITTLE configuration via Cortex A53/A57. But unlike the Exynos 5420, it has almost 50 per cent lower power consumption to improve overall battery life. In addition, lower power consumption also means lower heat generation of the device. If Galaxy S5 and Exynos 6 are combined, expect more comfortable use compared to bad experience on Galaxy S4.

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