'Sleepy Hollow' Mid-Season Finale RECAP: Crane's Son and his Monster Friend in 'The Golem'

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By Anshu Shrivastava | December 10, 2013 6:45 PM EST

In the previous episode of "Sleepy Hollow," Abbie had a vision of Ichabod Crane's wife, Katrina, giving birth to a son. The mid-season finale, "The Golem," opens with Mr Crane wondering about his son, and his head swimming with questions about his wife and son. He wants to know why Katrina did not tell him about her son and what happened to his son. Abbie tells him that may be Katrina wanted to protect him, the way she protected him by interring him in a cave. The only person who can help Mr Crane find the answers is the Sin Eater, Henry Parrish.  

The Sin Eater warns Mr Crane to not tempt fate, as it will put him at risk. As Mr Crane insists on a meeting with Katherine and is anxious to know the fate of his son, the Sin Eater almost chokes him to death. This way Mr Crane is transported back in time. He meets Katrina. She was lighting candles and is surprised to see him there. Mr Crane stops a crib, which has a weird looking rag toy, from taking a little jump down. Mr Crane wastes no time in asking Katrina about their baby. Katrina tells him that she was not aware about her pregnancy when she had buried Mr Crane in the cave.

Katrina's coven had banished her to purgatory, and fearing that the coven might harm her son, she handed him to Abbie's ancestor Grace and her husband. Katrina named the boy Jeremy after the name of Mr Crane's grandfather. Katrina had given Jeremy the weird looking rag toy, telling the new born that she made a little friend for him. Katrina told Mr Crane that she never met Jeremy, again. Mr Crane is determined to free Katrina from purgatory, find out what happened to his son and defeat Moloch. 

Mr Crane, Abbie and the Sin Eater head to Historical Society Library to find more about Jeremy. In one of the books, they find that Abbie's ancestor died in a fire. Also, it is mentioned that Jeremy's tears were capable of starting a fire. Jeremy was sent to an orphanage. The orphanage details are not mentioned in the book. The Sin Eater suggests that the librarian knows more than what she is admitting to know.

A monster puts an end to the librarian's life before Mr Crane, Abbie and Henry could question her, further. The librarian belonged to Katrina's coven, and from her personal belongings, Mr Crane find a box.  Henry says that the box contains pain, anger and death. They also find a book, which features a sketch of the weird looking rag-doll. Henry sees that the Priest of the orphanage was an evil man and he had tormented and had beaten Jeremy, often.

The drops of Jeremy's blood brought to life the weird looking rag doll. The rag doll became a huge-sized monster and had killed the Priest. Called Golem, the monster had protected Jeremy. Mr Crane figures out that since the librarian was a member of coven, she must have been killed by the Golem. He also comes to the conclusion that the lives of other coven members must also be in danger. In the Washington's Bible, Mr Crane finds information about a monster that resembles the Golem, a "creature imbued with its creator's most ardent passions."    

Mr Crane goes to meet the other members of the coven to warn them. The office of this coven is located somewhere inside a carnival. The witches of the coven are ready to accept their fate -- that is to die. Mr Crane offers to help them if they willing to set free Katrina. The witches refuse to take the offer and do not mind dying. They tell Mr Crane that they had put a hex on his son to stop his heart and then had interred him.

Golem arrives at the carnival and starts his act of destruction.  According to the witches, "Your son's blood gave it (Golem) life. Only his blood can end it."  A shard gets stuck in Mr Crane's chest and it has his blood. It is obvious the father and the son share the same bloodline. Mr Crane pulls the shard out and uses it to put an end to Golem, the protector of his son. Mr Crane spends some tender moments with the weird looking huge, and later back to normal size, rag doll.

At the end of the episode, Mr Crane meets Moloch, again. He delivers an ominous message to Mr Crane and beats him up. Abbie finds Mr Crane on the floor in a dishevelled condition.  

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