Sony Xperia Z1 Top 12 Unique Tips to Improve Memory, Capture Perfect Moments and Extend Battery Longer

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By Ryan Inoyori | December 10, 2013 6:03 PM EST

Sony's iconic smartphone, Xperia Z1, features pin-sharp HD screen, amazing camera and unique design backed with water and dust resistance. For the lucky owners of the Xperia Z1, here are 15 tips and tricks to maximise every inch of the device.

Stop the Bloatware

Sony has its own exclusive features from multimedia to social applications, but for those already using Google's own gaming system, multimedia apps and document viewers, it is time to turn off the bloatware.

Go to Settings > Apps > All > Select apps such as Socialife, PlayMemories and others > Disable them.

Quick Settings

Don't forget that there are 10 toggles location on the notifications panel at the top of the device's screen. Go to Settings > Personalisation > Quick Settings and then personalise which shortcuts that will appear on the notification panel.

Info-Eye Visual Power

Info-Eye uses the latest method to search information using pictures instead of speech or words. It also allows users to get details regarding landmarks, books, texts, brands, places, business cards, barcodes and QR codes just by using the camera.

Smarter Keyboard

Users can teach the virtual keyboard of their Sony Xperia Z1. Go to Settings > Language & input > Xperia keyboard - International > right-hand side for settings > Use my writing style. The keyboard will learn how a user types things and can even drag typing histories from Gmail, Facebook, Twitter and SMS.

Best Photo from TimeShift Burst

TimeShift burst camera feature will significantly reduce the risk of failing to capture the best photo during the best moments. Go Camera > Settings > Shooting mode > TimeShift Burst to get series of images, which allows a user to choose which one is best to preserve.

Solving Unexpected Crashes

Sony Xperia Z1 isn't perfect and may suffer rare cases of freeze or unresponsiveness and even the power key cannot bring it back from the dead. In order to awake the phone, use a pin or pen to the red "hard reset" key in the SIM card bay to fully reboot the device. This procedure usually fixes regular hang ups unless there is hardware issue or malware crisis happening - it's a different story.

Extended Battery Life

All the amazing features, apps and games can kill the battery life out of Xperia Z1 in a short period of time. Background apps, running CPU and extended power needs are all something Sony looked after using their own Power Management design. Go to Settings > Power Management > STAMINA mode > Enable it. It will hold most functions on the Xperia Z1 to prevent further battery drain yet keeping SMS, calls, music player and downloads in line.

Cloud Storage

Owners of the Xperia Z1 can use cloud storage during their free time to upload photos and files online using Google Drive, Sky Drive or Dropbox. These will store all the files online which users may retrieve anytime and almost anywhere using a tablet or computer. It will also preserve any memories in case the phone gets stolen.

Maximising Water Resistance

The Xperia Z1 is water resistant and can last up to 30 minutes of submersion with 1 metre of wetness. But owners have make sure they have tightened up all holes to prevent any liquid coming inside the most vulnerable parts of their smartphone. Firmly securing ports can lead to lots of enjoyment during pool parties and underwent adventures.

Shots with Reality

AR effect or Augmented Reality has been seen on Sony PSP and Nintendo 3DS which is now usable on the Xperia Z1. It allows users to add more dimension, graphics and reality on their photos such as fairytale kingdom, disco effects or underwater experience.

Taking Photos Further

Owners of the Xperia Z1 who are into photography and find that the features of the device do not satisfy their needs can expand to another horizon by combining it with QX series portable cameras by Sony. QX series cameras use NFC technology, with the Xperia Z1 serving as the viewfinder and main controller. All pictures taken this way are delivered to the Xperia Z1 via Wi-Fi connection.

More Power Management

In case STAMINA mode isn't helping, owners of the Xperia Z1 may want to activate the location-based wi-fi and low battery mode to further extend its battery life. Go to Settings > Power management > Location-based Wi-Fi/Low battery > Configure manually. Users can set the the amount of battery level that these power savers should activate.

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