Epic Don’t Drink And Drive Prank: Sobering Lesson For Repeat DUI Offender Goes Viral [VIDEO]

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By Anne Lu | December 10, 2013 3:14 PM EST

A man with already five DUIs (driving under the influence) has been given a sobering lesson from U.S. prankster Tom Mabe in a new viral video. The unnamed man woke up after a night of heavy drinking only to be told that he had been in a coma for ten years. He hadn’t, really, and that’s where the fun started.

Mabe, a comedian known for his pranks, and his friend Jim Clark have come up with a novel way to teach their pal a lesson. Their victim, whose name has been bleeped out in the video, has had five DUI convictions, and they wanted “to prevent six and save lives.”

The YouTube clip, which runs for five and a half minutes, shows how the two pulled off their elaborate scheme. After being informed by Clark that their friend passed out in his truck, Mabe turned an empty office into a hospital room before installing the unconscious man inside.

When the man woke up, he was informed by a nurse that he was in a hospital. A doctor then came to happily inform him that it was the year 2023 and that he had been sleeping for ten years after he was involved in a car accident ten years ago.

The man appeared to be taking it all in, and his first concern was his daughter, telling the doctor that he’d like to see her.

While he was waiting for his family’s arrival, he was allowed to watch television. And, just like in the movies, the first show that he was able to watch was a newscast, perfectly timed to begin at the point when the newscaster just started reading the headlines.

The look of confusion on the target’s face is priceless as he tried to absorb the year’s current events. The year 2023 turned out to be quite a revelation for this year’s tabloid fodders.

Miley Cyrus turned out to be an ex-singer who lives on a trailer park and defecates on her neighbour’s lawns; Hillary Clinton became a war-hungry president who vows to attack Canada for granting citizenship to U.S. citizens who flee their country; and Justin Bieber and NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr became lovers and are now celebrating their tenth anniversary.

When another physician entered the room, he conducted tests on the man to see if his limbs were fully functional before slapping him hard on the face. The doctor turned out to be Mabe, and he was pretty relentless in hitting his friend to teach him a lesson. By that time, the man already figured out that the whole thing wasn’t real, and was laughing along with Mabe.

But while the scheme was funny, Mabe became serious at the end, admonishing his pal for drinking heavily yet again.

“Five DUIs! Five DUIs! It’s not funny. You could have lost your daughter,” he said. “You gotta stop this. Stop laughing.”

Mabe called the prank his best yet, telling Twitter followers that it was meant to be a serious PSA (public service announcement) with humour to make people watch.

And people did watch. Within just a day, it has gathered over 2 million hits on YouTube, with commenters praising him for the funny yet eye-opening prank.

Watch the clip here:

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