Scientists Insist They Have the Right Technology to Detect Alien Life in 10 Years

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By Christine Lazaro | December 10, 2013 11:04 AM EST

For a good number of years now, numerous scientists have always been working hard to find out if there is really alien life beyond our planet. Now, some claim that there is a modern technology tool to help find it.

A Web site called Voice of Russia reported that for some time now, scientists have been using telescopes that can detect planets similar to Earth, along with other tools which can detect life on such discovered planets. However, there are several astrobiologists who have appealed to the U.S. Congress for investment on projects aimed to search alien life in the universe.

NASA Missions That Have Found Considerable Evidence

The Kepler mission was able to recognise more than 3,500 possible planets that are outside the solar system of Earth. Ten of those are of the same size of the Earth. The Spitzer and Hubble telescopes captured lately atmospheres from exoplanets.

The Mars Rover Curiosity also found several evidences on the conditions of the Red Planet that it can support life. NASA also has the Transitioning Exoplanet Survey Satellite or TESS that will be launched by 2017. It will be used to search for exoplanets through the transiting method of the Kepler mission. Such is implemented for the detection of planets crossing the host star. Another telescope to be launched in 2018 is the James Webb Telescope which will be the one to get more details on the planets that will be detected by TESS.

Yahoo News stated that researchers and scientists aim to capture planets directly by blocking light from a star for the planet to become more visible. This will require the use of an internal coronagraph that is attached to a telescope. Another method being used by Sara Seager, a planetary scientist for MIT, is to build a shade for the star. This is a big object that looks like a flower and can move on its own in space.

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More experts stated that consistent funding is required to conduct further scientific research when it comes to space studies. The latest budget amounts to $17.7 billion for NASA which is lesser than 2012's.

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