Australia Space Agency: Top 5 Reasons Why There is a Future for Space Technology Down Under

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By Christine Lazaro | December 10, 2013 11:00 AM EST

Many researchers wonder why despite having amazing vistas and isolated red deserts, Australia still does not have a national space agency of its own.

With the Space Age reaching about 60 years now, Australia seems to be a perfect place for a space economy. In a Forbes article, Mr Andrew Dempster, the Australian Centre for Space Engineering Research director agreed that the country appears to be a bit left behind for not having one. He said that during global meetings about space, Australia seems to be out of place all the time with no vision for what to do in the future in terms of space economy.

On the other hand, according to Brett Biddington, founder of a space and cyber security consulting company in Canberra, it could be for the reason that Australia lacks the proper sites where ideal orbital launches can be implemented. The founder reiterated that since the era of the 50s, most of the Australian space activities were deemed highly classified.

"Australia will develop conventional launch capabilities only if a compelling national security case emerges," Mr Biddington added.

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Gizmodo recently came up with an article highlighting several reasons why Australia deserves its own space agency. Here are five most important reasons in the list:

1. To have a team of Aussies who will respond and shared technical space issues and relevant data or information to other space agencies around the globe.

2. To remind the country of what it can actually do in space and make the aspect of space and technology something that the land of Down Under should aspire for.

3. To give opportunities to local space engineers in pursuing their own space ambitions without having to go abroad.

4. To tap the potential of satellites to solve some of Australia's biggest problems especially the ones related to the environment.

5. To put stability into the funding meant for space activities and projects starting with consistent support for an Australian space agency to flourish.

In the next decade or so, the need for an Australian space agency will be further realised, recognised and be fulfilled in time.

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