Apple's Siri vs. Google Now: The Showdown Of 50 Voice Commands [WATCH]

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By Jesselle Maminta | December 9, 2013 5:46 PM EST

Two video demonstrations were posted in 50 ways to use Apple's virtual assistant Siri and Google's counterpart Google Now.

Tech website PhoneBuff posted video demonstrations on the different commands that can be done through the virtual assistant systems of both Apple and Google.

First was Google Now, which host David demonstrated using Google Nexus 5. Some of the commands used in the demo include restaurant reservations, calorie count, opening apps, map-based directions and basic phone operations. It can also do location-based reminders and check on TV schedules and show information. Google Now can also do some tricks such as tilt and barrel roll.

Next was Apple's Siri, which basically followed some of the same commands done on Google Now. However, most of the commands used were more in a conversational language compared to Google Now recognizing mostly keywords, almost looking like it was a voice format of Google.

In addition, Siri also converses in the same language as the speaker and even interacts with it. Sample command was 'repeat after me,' which Siri responds with "If this is some sort of pledge, my End User License Agreement forbids it."

In place to Google's screen tricks are some witty responses to some commands such as "who let the dogs out" and "I'm drunk."

According to Ashley Feinberg of Gizmondo, the video shows that the fact that Apple's engineers have kept that sense of humor consistent even when it comes to Siri's more obscure powers is pretty damn impressive.

But in terms of which program produces the best answers, Richard Darell of Bit Rebels said comparing Siri and Google Now's answers are a little misleading.

"Some people are looking for information that other people are not, so the result is quite hard to judge whether Siri or Google Now gives the best voice command answers," Darell wrote.

So which is the best virtual assistant? Comment below for your answers.

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