Kiwi Reese McKee Finds ‘Katie’ After Online Viral Worldwide Search

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By Anne Lu | December 9, 2013 3:04 PM EST

"Katie" has been found, but Reese McKee is still not making any moves yet. The New Zealand native's search for the mysterious American woman has finally ended after he took his story online.

Mr McKee's hopeful search for the girl he met on New Year's Eve in Hong Kong has gone viral since he asked the online community for help. He set up a Facebook page and related to readers his story and what few things he knew about this Katie.

And if there's one thing Netizens are good for, it's their ability to bring together people successfully.

The Wellington resident said that he had found her, but had yet to get in touch with her. He told New Zealand Herald that he has planned to do so "when things died down a little bit."

His story created such a worldwide buzz that Mr McKee felt the whole thing got out of hand. The overwhelming public response had helped him find the girl, true, but it hadn't been so good to the Katies of DC.

"The Facebook thing was getting out of hand. They were starting to infringe on other people. They tracked down every Katie in the DC area, which is a bit much," he was quoted by the APNZ as saying, adding that he has taken the page down.

"We found the girl... She is from DC, she's not there at the moment, but she's sorta taken all her public profiles [offline] for a little bit."

The whole mess started in Hong Kong on New Year's Eve. Mr McKee saw a girl crying down the road after she has lost her friends. He tried to cheer her up, and was rewarded with a smile. She said her name was Katie and she's from DC, which he suspected meant Washington, DC.

They briefly ended up together; they drank and kept each other company. But they parted ways at 6 am when she was reunited with her friends. They didn't exchange contact information, but the boy thought the girl still wanted to continue their newfound friendship when she told him to "Find me."

And so he did, with the help of the online community.

Many people have been enamoured of the Kiwi's unrelenting bid to find the woman who made him smile. Some call him a hopeless romantic, which is apparently the kind of man many love stories possess. But there are also those who have labelled him a stalker whose story has been romanticised by the Internet.

Whatever he is, it's still unseen if his story has a happy ending. He has found the girl, but does the girl even want to be found? Or if so, would take they it to the next level, which, by Hollywood romantic comedy flicks' standard, is to get married next?

It doesn't look like Mr Mckee is keen to share the next chapter, though. He has revealed that he has turned down an offer to appear on a talk show in the U.S.

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