6 Essential Tips for Samsung Galaxy S5 Potential Buyers Before Launching Date

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By Ryan Inoyori | December 9, 2013 2:00 PM EST

Samsung Galaxy S5 rumours continue to pile up as pre-launch gets closer. In order to filter out the most important things, here are essential tips for interested buyers for Galaxy S5 launching event.

Launching Date

There are two possible timeframe for Galaxy S5 release in 2014 - as early as CES 2014 and as late as March to April. Samsung may only announce the upcoming flagship Android smartphone at the CES event 2014 but the official release date could happen a few months after that.

You should be thinking on saving enough money once the device has been announced as it is expected to be premium and expensive than Galaxy S4 or Galaxy Note 3.

Two More Powerful Smartphones

Some reports claim that Galaxy S5 is not alone as Samsung's most powerful smartphone in 2014. Galaxy F and Galaxy J are rumoured to be released next year before Galaxy Note 4 arrives.

The three upcoming smartphones differ in terms of processors, Optical Image Stabilisation camera module, ultra-slim RAM chipsets and metallic body components. Take note of Samsung's official announcement next year before deciding on Galaxy S5 because you may want Galaxy F or J this time.

Watch Out for the Features

Everybody is expecting a new Exynos 6 64-bit supported octa-core processor running Galaxy S5 with Android 4.4 KitKat and ultra-slim RAM. However, the same may also go with Galaxy J and Galaxy F which is something you should be aware of in case everything goes for real.

Compare if you really want the features on Galaxy S5 and if Samsung did a major upgrade to contrast 2013 flagship Galaxy S4 smartphone. This will keep you from spending something then regret if Samsung suddenly release something that completely suited your needs.

Unconfirmed Designs

Expect slimmer, thinner and narrower bezel on Galaxy S5 but don't assume that metallic body and design stuffs are already confirmed. Samsung may using a strategy to realign Galaxy devices by delivering new mid-range smartphone such as Galaxy J while more premium on Galaxy F.

In recent years, Galaxy Ace and Mini usually covers the mid-range and low-cost division but Galaxy Core, Fame and Fresh came out of nowhere renaming what low-range means.

Optical Image Stabilisation

Optical Image Stabilisation is a growing trend on smartphones but Galaxy S5 may not feature this important camera module. Report claims that Samsung wasn't able to get everything they need to impart the technology on the Galaxy S5 and may deliver it instead to upcoming devices such as Galaxy Note 4 or Galaxy F.

If you love taking photos and record videos using smartphone cameras, reconsider the OIS technology and other camera features before buying.

Android 4.4 KitKat

Android version plays an important role on every smartphones and it is always better to get the latest OS. Galaxy S5 is expected to run the latest Android 4.4 KitKat which is already pointed out by upcoming Galaxy S4 and Note 3 major updates next year.

But do some research once it is official if Samsung really utilised Google's new operating system to the max.

Rumours won't stop until Samsung announced the launching date, specifications and price range of Galaxy S5, Galaxy J and Galaxy F in 2014. Check your funds, best network carriers, nearest retailers and press releases online from Samsung to determine if Galaxy S5 is meant for you.

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