Leaked Asus Tablet FCC Filing Reveals 9 Tablets Coming in 2014 with Both Android and Windows OS

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By Precious Silva | December 9, 2013 10:37 AM EST

Asus has been a proven computer manufacturer, being successful in releasing a series of tablets including the first and second generations of Google's famous Nexus 7 line. Recently, the company has released the Transformer Book Trio, which runs both Android and Windows OS. This makes Asus no stranger to producing computers that operate on two operating systems. And it seems the device was just the start of a slew dual OS devices coming from the manufacturer. A recent FCC filing suggests that Asus may be working on a series of tablets and some of them will have dual booting capabilities. 

Based on a recent FCC filing, it seems Asus will be working on more dual OS hardware in the future. At least, that is what reports are making out of the Asus FCC sighting. The tablet appears capable of running on both Windows 8 and Android 4.4.

The reported tablet was listed in different model names. These include M82T, L82T and R82T. The reports about the FCC filing were unable to tell what differentiates the models from one another. In terms of hardware, the listed component model names indicate that it runs on an Intel Atom "Bay Trail" CPU. It was unclear whether it was Z3740 or Z3770. 

The slate also comes with a 3,910 mAh battery including a 32 or 64 GB storage. There no details about the screen size and resolution. Nonetheless, reports note that based on the appearance of the slate, it will most probably be around 7 inches. 

Analysts suggest that if the slate is a 7 incher, then it may be the first brand name dual OS tablet of such standard. It can be interesting to see a Nexus 7-like tablet running on both Android and Windows. Judging from the track record of Asus, the market can anticipate a high caliber and multi-functional tablet. 

Another interesting factor is that the Asus slate has been listed in six different model names. The initial model names mentioned, M80T, L80T and R80T, were supposed to be the Windows-only variant. However, three additional model names, M81T, L81T and R81T, which were supposed to be Android-only versions were also listed.

Reports have yet to know what diffences each model has over others. People will have to wait for Asus to confirm and make an announcement of the tablet and models listed.

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