Samsung Galaxy S4 Troubleshooting: Solve Top 8 Frustrating Problems the Easy Way

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By Ryan Inoyori | December 6, 2013 3:57 PM EST

Samsung Galaxy S4 impressed many owners with its fast processors and big memory but sometimes the smartphone can suffer occasional lags, slowdown and sudden freeze. Here are the top quick fixes on most frustrating issues of Galaxy S4.

1.      Occasional Slow Down

It is commonly caused by memory running low due to many apps clogging the RAM.

a.      Press and hold the 'home' key to launch the Task manager then swipe all apps running on the background.

b.      Reboot the Galaxy S4 to refresh memory.

2.      Lagged Performance

Some features of the Galaxy S4 becomes too heavy run due to animations or graphics rendering.

a. Choose static wallpapers instead of live wallpapers.

b. Remove home screen panels and widgets you are not using anymore.

c. Turn off the animation and transition by selecting 'Settings > Developer options > Window animation scale/transition animation scale/animator duration scale."

d. Disable the lock screen unlock effect. Go to 'Settings > My device > Lock screen > Unlock effect > None.

3.      Freezing Moments

An application or malware may have done the freezing moments on your smartphone.

a. Uninstall the recently installed app before the freeze happened.

b. Download and install antivirus app from the Play Store.

c. Clear the memory by using the Task Manager.

4.      Limited Storage Space

Unfortunately, the Galaxy S4 with 16 GB may not be enough to keep apps and games since you are only left with 8.5 GB free to use.

a. Root your Galaxy S4 to remove the bloatware from Samsung and regain the 6 GB additional space.

b. Use clouding storage such as Drop Box, Google Drive or SkyDrive if you want to keep your device unrooted.

5.      Battery Drain

Sometimes, the Power Saving tool isn't enough to extend the battery life and even light use of Galaxy S4 remains useless to battery drain issue.

a. Disable all wireless connection if not in use.

b. Prefer 3G mobile instead of 4G/LTE for mobile data connection.

c. Reduce screen brightness and timeout.

d. Use darker static wallpapers.

e. Go to 'Settings > More > Battery' and check which is the culprit behind the battery drain.

6.      Smeared or Ghostly Display

Some Galaxy S4 owners have reported smearing or ghosting on the display when scrolling menus within black backgrounds.

a. The possible fix is to update your smartphone to the latest firmware version.

b. Re-calibrate the colour and contrast using an app called Screen Adjuster from the Play Store.

7.      Camera Crash or Unable to Launch

There are cases reported of camera failure to load or crashes suddenly after launching.

a. Go to 'Settings > Apps manager > Camera > Force stop > Clear cache and clear data.'

b. Reboot the smartphone to refresh the memory.

c. Reboot into recovery mode. Switch off the phone > Press and hold 'volume up + home + power' keys > Wipe cache partition.

d. Perform a factory reset by selecting 'Settings > Accounts > Backup and reset > Factory data reset > Reset device > Delete all.' Don't forget to create backup files first before resetting the device.

8.      Samsung Galaxy Features Aren't Working

There are times that Galaxy S features such as Smart Stay, Pause and Scroll may not work.

a. Go to 'Settings > My device > Smart screen > Turn on.'

b. Make sure that the front camera can see you.

c. Sufficient light is required for the device to detect you.

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