Adora Bull: Modern Women Digest Writer Under Suicide Watch After Receiving Death Threats For Her 'Top Five Reasons Why I’m Glad Paul Walker Is Dead' Article

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By Jenalyn Villamarin | December 6, 2013 3:01 PM EST

Adora Bull of Modern Women Digest wrote on Tuesday, December 3, the controversial article titled "Top Five Reasons Why I'm Glad Paul Walker Is Dead." Now, the National Post reports Ms Bull has been placed under suicide watch after receiving a flood of violent comments and death threats on the Internet.

Majority of the people find Adora Bull's article disrespectful to the late Paul Walker, his family and teenage daughter Meadow Rain after the "Fast and Furious" actor tragically died from a car crash on November 30 in Los Angeles. One angry commenter posted: "Perhaps you can do the world a favor by dying a slow, horrific, merciless death."

On Thursday afternoon, Jane M. Agni posted on the Modern Women Digest that their staff member has been taken into police custody and transferred to a secure location. Ms Agni wrote: "In light of recent events here at Modern Women Digest Headquarters, a member of our staff has been taken into police protection and moved to a secure location pending the official investigation multiple death threats aimed at the author."  

She further added: "Police currently have her under suicide watch, as Ms. Bull has been witnessed threatening her own life after the recent influx of hate mail surrounding her and her journalism career. The hatred surrounding Ms. Bull's latest piece of work is extreme indeed."

Adora Bull's article listed down the top five reasons why she's glad that Paul Walker has died. "The public and media have been yearning for a good celebrity death. Thankfully, Walker was happy to fill the void in our hearts and sacrificed himself for the greater good. At least now your family can say your life served a purpose," the author wrote.

Ms Bull further pointed out that there will be no "Fast and Furious" sequels anymore, Paul Walker's death served as a "good distraction from the soldiers who died this week," co-star Vin Diesel can now expand his movie career and "rich douchebags die young too." The Web site reports that Modern Women Digest supplied a disclaimer at the bottom of Adora Bull's article.

The message reads: "Adora Bull's views do not reflect those of the fine editorial staff at Modern Woman Digest. While we may not necessarily agree with Adora Bull's stance on certain subjects we do feel she has the right to express her opinions. Modern Woman Digest sends Paul Walker's family, friends and fans all the best during these troubling times."

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