Pokemon X and Y News: 2DS Bundle in the U.S., Competitive EV Training, New Chart Comparing Gym Leaders

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By Gel Galang | December 6, 2013 2:52 PM EST

"Pokemon X and Y" is continuing to dominate Nintendo's sales, so much so that the Nintendo 2DS "Pokemon X and Y" bundles, which have first landed in South Korea and Europe, will now also be made available in the U.S.

Similar to the set-up that was created for both the European and South Korean release, the "Pokemon X and Y" bundles for the 2DS will feature either a red Nintendo 2DS with a "Pokemon X" game or a blue Nintendo 2DS with a "Pokemon Y" game.

Fun "Pokemon X and Y" charts and guides that you might find helpful while playing the game: Check them out here.

Retailers will reportedly offer the bundles at $149.99. This will let people save around $25, as the games are already pre-installed in the Nintendo 2DS devices.

Slashgear reports that each "Pokemon X and Y" bundle will be sold at a different retailer, with the "Pokemon X" pre-installed in the red Nintendo 2DS landing in Target, while the "Pokemon Y" will be sold at Toys R Us.

The "Pokemon X and Y" Nintendo 2DS bundles will be available starting Dec 6. This would be the perfect gaming gift to anyone and any "Pokemon X and Y" fan---that is, if they haven't been playing since its release yet.

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Graph Shows the Strengths of Gym Leaders Across Generations

Redditors are becoming more creative and targeted in what they are rendering such as helpful maps and infographics for "Pokemon X and Y" information.

This time, Redditor joescool has created a chart depicting all the gym leaders' highest level Pokemon per generation. Like all the other graphics and guides that the "Pokemon X and Y" community have come up with, this can either be fun or useful or even both.

The way to look at this chart is to see the average of the capabilities of the gym leaders.

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"For example, Brock's Onix is 2 different levels in Generation 1. In Red and Blue, it's 12, and in Yellow it's 14, so I averaged it to 13. I used HG/SS to average the Johto games with G/S/C because I felt like I needed to compare G/S/C's teams to something," said joescool.

Players can check out the original "Pokemon X and Y" project here. However, another Redditor has edited the file for a more orderly comparison among generations. Check out the modified chart here.

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A Quick Competitive EV Training Guide

With the new "Pokemon X and Y" cheat supposedly predicting battle moves, this can deem a potential spoilage for the game.

However, some people still prefer to believe that true gamers of the Pokemon games do not need these cheats, as the essence is playing with what you've got and aiming to get stronger in the game.

In response to the latter, here are two reasons why players should aim to EV train their Pokemons. The first is that it specialises damages that can be done to the enemy. Some Pokeons have special attacks, such as the Jolteon, which has Thunderbolt, according to IGN.

Because of EV training, players ensure that they specialise their damages, so that their attacks will have more impact on the enemy.

Another reason why EV training is important is that, sometimes, when players are faced with almost an equal Pokemon, the one who wins is the Pokemon who is more bred, and therefore has more advantage over the other.

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