Xbox One Tips and Tricks: COD: Ghosts Update, Kinect Listens and Scolds, SmartGlass as Remote Control, and More

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By Gel Galang | December 6, 2013 2:34 PM EST

If you have been playing the Xbox One for a while, you may already know the most basic moves and tricks to properly handle the features and apps. Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson has also posted a new tips and tricks video to those who want to discover more about Microsoft's next-gen console.

Check out Major Nelson's tips in the video below.

Call of Duty: Ghosts update: Be patient

Meanwhile, fans over at Xbox One Reddit have also been giving their own tips, some of which have been learned the hard way, to help other Xbox One fans avoid the same mistakes.

For instance, Redditor osirisgreen has posted that, if you have already started downloading the Call of Duty: Ghosts patch, you shouldn't cancel the download.

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"Popped in Ghosts today since I haven't played in about 2 days and had to download a patch. Got up to 98% rather quickly then stayed there for about 15 minutes. So I cancelled the update and tried to download the patch again but now I have to re-install the whole game again. Just a heads up!"

It seems that the patch downloads very quickly for a 750mb patch, and seems to get stuck on 98%. But in reality, the update is just downloading, and it will continue to a complete download.

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SmartGlass as a remote control

For those who still haven't downloaded the SmartGlass app for the Xbox One, you may find this feature cool enough to get the app.

Redditor silentcrs posted that you can use your SmartGlass app as more than just the promised second screen and other game-related features.

"Random tip: With the SmartGlass app, you can use your phone to contrl your TV volume. Basically, it acts as a universal remote for any of the features Xbox can already control. Now, if they could only add a button to change inputs. I could get rid of my TV remote entirely."

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Beware of cursing: Xbox is listening

After the whole notion of the Xbox One potentially being a spy machine and listening in on every conversation has dissipated, a new bit of evidence has emerged that you may find yourself getting technical when playing sports games with the Kinect on.

Time has stumbled upon a video depicting how, after a fan curses while playing NBA 2K14, a warning appears onscreen, saying, "Call technical due to bad language," meaning the referee in the game had called the player for cussing. The report also states that this isn't an isolated case, as another user, this time playing the FIFA 14, has also experienced the same thing.

It seems that the Xbox One's Kinect is really very sensitive to motion and sound, and takes it one step higher to ensure that you can also interact with players while enjoying a game.

Of course, this can go both ways. While it's convenient and a step up to how eSports is played (Hint: more civilized this time), those who also have a natural tendency to cuss and swear may have a hard time promoting the aura of sportsmanship.

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Kinect 2.0 extension cable will be available next year

Redditor DrDigitalWKNC has also spotted a Twitter post from Responding to a fan query, on whether Monoprice can provide a Kinect 2.0 extension cable for the Xbox One, Monoprice says:

"We're working on one. Hopefully early next year."

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