NASA Finds Water on Five Planets, But Still No Signs of Aliens

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By Christine Lazaro | December 6, 2013 12:22 PM EST

The famous Hubble Space Telescope of NASA saw the presence of water on five planets that are located beyond the solar system. However, for all the alien enthusiasts out there, the signs boil down to zero.

Yahoo News reports that the five exoplanets are scorching hot and same as the size of the Jupiter, which means that it cannot host any form of life. However, according to researchers, to have discovered water within the planets' atmospheres is still a good sign that there may still be some planets out there which can support alien life in particular.

Avi Mandell, one of the lead authors of the stated studies mention how confident they are that what they saw is a "water signature." The research teams utilised the Wide Field Camera 3 of Hubble to give way for the analysis of starlight passing through the five planets' atmosphere. The five planets were named as the XO-1b, WASP-19b, WASP-12b, HD209458b, and the WASP-17b.

The strongest signs of water were particularly high on the atmosphere of HD20948b and the WASP-17b.

Drake Deming from the University of Maryland admitted that it is a challenge to detect the atmosphere of any exoplanet. "But we were able to pull out a very clear signal, and it is water," he concluded.

Researchers added that the water signs were not that intense since the five planets are embraced by some kind of hazy dust. The separate studies led by Mandell and Deming were published in a similar journal named as The Astrophysical Journal. Deming's just came out earlier in September.

A Time article stated that more researchers and scientists have high hopes that the James Webb Telescope will be better in spotting water signs on possible planets to be discovered that are even smaller than the Earth. The telescope will be launched by 2018.

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With all these positive news just keep coming to NASA each day, then their very first experiment garden by late 2015 may also likely push through. Not to mention that the U.S. Space agency is also looking at rendering private trips to the moon which no confirmed decision made yet for it.

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