Disgusting Homophobic Tweets In Response To Tom Daley Coming Out

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By Riza Ornos | December 5, 2013 4:47 PM EST

Now that he is out of the closet, Olympic diver Tom Daley is reportedly dating a hunky Oscar-winner Dustin Lance Black - a 39-year-old screenwriter who won the Academy award in 2009 for Best Original Screenplay for the movie "Milk." The 19-year-old British athlete revealed his true colors via a YouTube video telling the world that he is dating a man and that  he couldn't be happier. 

Since his gutsy revelation, friends and family are supporting his decision to come out. Yet, just like the popular saying goes: "you can't please anybody." Many of Tom's homophobic fans are disgusted with his chosen path. Some of them had even gone to the point of bashing Daley with disgusting tweets.

In his YouTube video, Daley doesn't want to label himself as "gay" or "bisexual" like what most people would label someone who is dating someone of the same sex. Yet, these tweets against Daley are too disgusting to ignore. Here are just a few of them.

@NaomiCampbell: "You just lost a fan, go to hell!!! f*gg*t @TomDaley1994"

Matthew Horne (@mashhorne): "Told you all Tom Daley was a dirty f*g!"

Castiel (@DrugFeud): "I can't believe Tom Daley is gay I'm not a fan of his anymore! he's going to hell it's Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve."

Wardo (zakwardd): "So it turns out that Tom Daley used to be the guy to sit on the white bits in his P.E lessons."

Jahk Dilla (@dGahck): "Oh my God Tom Daley, put a sock up your ass, everyone loves juicy c*cks we just don't say it because it's a slight against God you h*mo f*ck."

Aidy (@aidypass): "Tom daley. You're still a f*g."

framie (@Framie88): "Tom Daley gay ? Nee shit Sherlock had more c*ck ends than week ends that little mincer"

@alItomyself: "Tom Daley is gay I am now ashamed of my country ew we can't have a bloody f*g representing us"

Maca (@macagalvin): "Did anyone actually think Tom Daley was straight? He's a f*cking obvious arse bandit"

Luke Donaldson (@Lukedonaldson17): "Tom Daley "It's always been at the back if my mind that something like this may happen" SO YOUVE ALWAYS BEEN GAY YOU F*G"

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