This Leaves Couples Panting, More than Sex Does

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By Athena Yenko | December 5, 2013 4:07 PM EST

A survey of more than 1000 Australians revealed that sex is not the only thing that leaves couple out of breath in bed. Dating, social life, career and family times are affected too.

According to a report from the Asthma Australia, Asthma negatively impacts different aspects of people's lifestyle more than they expect.

In an interactive presentation, Asthma Australia showed the effects of poor asthma management to people.

On Sex

 Asthma Australia revealed that out of the 1,000 people surveyed, 22 per cent of those affected by asthma admitted having poor sexual performance.

Abour 17 per cent said they can definitely improve their performance in bed if their asthmas were properly managed.

Another 18 per cent of women surveyed admitted that they are limited in bed when their asthma attacks, while 29 per cent of men admitted the same.

On Dating

About 37 per cent said that they cannot keep up with their friends and colleagues in clubs and bars because of their asthmas. This leaves them lesser chance of getting to know prospective dates.

The other 36 per cent said that they always had to end their night outs early due to asthma attacks.

Another 33 per cent were conscious that their wheezing in quiet areas like theatres and movies will drive away their dates.

A young woman surveyed admitted that she chose not to tell her boyfriend about her asthma during the early parts of their relationship. But when she needed to, she deceivingly said that her asthma does not have a negative impact on her.

On Building Career

About 60 per cent experienced embarrassing asthma attacks during work time.

Another 22 per cent said that their asthma attacks during the most "opportune" time - when they need to beat deadlines.

Twenty-eight per cent said that asthma negatively affect their careers in general.

And 17 per cent said that their productivity will improve if they do not have asthma.

A senior executive who had refused to be named said that there was one staff who kept away from him while he was having an asthma attack.

Family Time

About 36 per cent of the parents surveyed admitted they cannot play with their kids even if they wanted to. They cannot keep up with their kids' energy during asthma attacks.

Another 30 per cent admitted intentionally avoiding playtime with kids.

Then 33 per cent were disappointed that their family vacations were limited to activities indoor and not so much of a physical challenge.

"Often simple changes like getting a treatment plan or reviewing their medication can help minimise the impact on patients' sex lives," explained Asthma Australia CEO Mar Brooke.

Mr Brooke highly advised those affected with asthma to regularly check with their doctors to properly manage their asthmas.

He said that there were 2 million Australians already affected by asthma, and there is absolutely no reason why people with asthma can't gain better control.

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