'Man of Steel' Sequel: Gal Gadot Joins Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill as “Wonder Woman” [See Photos]

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By charmaine corne clutton | December 5, 2013 3:59 PM EST

The sequel to the much awaited "Man of Steel" has a new character and it is none other than "Wonder Woman". The character has been the talk of the town, given that fans have been wondering when such a character would be given her own film.

It has been announced that Gal Gadot would be playing the role of "Wonder Woman" in the upcoming sequel to the "Man of Steel" which she will be playing alongside "Superman," Henry Cavill and the new "Batman," Ben Affleck.

Gal Gadot surely makes a fine Wonder Woman and would very much be appropriate for the role if there is to be a "Wonder Woman" movie.

So why isn't there a "Wonder Woman" movie?

Producers have long thought about making a "Wonder Woman" movie. It would be the first superhero movie comprising a woman. The problem that many directors and producers face in making the "Wonder Woman" movie is that they need a solid storyline.

For those who don't know much of "Wonder Woman," the beginning and creation of her character in comic books are not like many superheroes. Wonder Woman wasn't born and more or less she isn't even an alien but part of the Amazons and was created by magic. Obviously, it is kind of a hard story to share especially for those who haven't read the comics.

Unlike Superman and Batman, Wonder Woman does not have a certain story that many know of. Her various stories is what producers want people to know about. A solid storyline along with a solid character as "Wonder Woman" should be created if they want to make it into a movie.

As of now, many would be happy to see the superhero fly against males and she surely would be a great sidekick here. Would there even be a blooming romance between her and Batman or maybe even Superman?

We shall just have to wait for the movie!

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