Holiday 2013 Gift Guide: The Top 5 Toys for Girls in 2013 [PHOTOS]

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By Janice Somosot | December 5, 2013 1:45 PM EST

It's December 2013 and each day passes quickly until one day you realize, it's Christmas Day already! Naturally, there's a mad rush for buying gifts at this time of the year. So many choices, so little time! To help you narrow down the list of what to buy, especially for finicky children who happen to be girls, here is the Holiday 2013 Gift Guide featuring the Top 5 Toys for Girls in 2013.

The National Retail Foundation (NRF) made a survey entitled "NRF 2013 Holiday Consumer Intentions and Actions Survey" to measure trends in shopping during the winter holidays as well as the behavior of consumers and their intentions during this time. NRF teamed up with Prosper Insights and Analytics who conducted the said survey from Nov. 1-7, 2013. They observed the popular toys that are bought or preferred by consumers in 2013. The NRF 2013 Top 5 Toys for Boys has already been featured in a previous article. Check out the list of the NRF 2013 Top 5 Toys for Girls below.

Top 5 Toys for Girls in 2013:

1. Barbie

This list would not be complete without Barbie dolls! Apparently, the world-famous doll from Mattel is still the favourite toy of girls. It is available in different varieties with numerous costumes and themes. Check out the official Barbie Web site by clicking HERE. Or, click HERE to shop for Barbie dolls.

2. Dolls (generic)

Even if Barbie dolls topped the list, girls aren't too picky because other generic dolls are welcome as preferred toys too.

3. Monster High Dolls

These dolls are girl version of popular monsters including Dracula and Frankenstein's Monster. Click HERE to visit the Monster High official Web site or click HERE to shop for Monster High Dolls. 

4. Disney Princesses (T) / Tablet/Apple iPad (T)

Surprisingly, Disney Princesses dolls have something in common with tablets or the Apple iPad. And, it's not the apple and Snow White. Instead they are tied at the Top 4 spot of the Top 5 Toys for Girls in 2013. It looks like girls love dolls but are gadget geeks too. Click HERE for Disney Princesses dolls and click HERE for Apple iPad. As for other brands of tablets, you can search for these using Google, Bing or Goodsearch search engines. While Google is the most popular choice and Bing is slowly gaining ground, it would be nice to use Goodsearch for a change because every time you search for something in the Internet, you can earn money for a charity of your choice. It is powered by Yahoo!

5.  American Girl (T) / Lalaloopsy (T)

American Girl dolls tied with Lalaloopsy dolls for the Top 5 spot. American Girl dolls are 18-inch dolls from Pleasant Company which became a subsidiary of Mattel (Click HERE to know more about it). Meanwhile Lalaloopsy dolls are rag dolls from MGA Entertainment (Click HERE for more details).

Other popular toys not included in the NRF 2013 Top 5 Toys for Girls are part of the NRF 2013 Top 10 Toys for Girls. These toys are Furby (Top 6), LEGO/LEGO Friends (Top 7), Elmo/Big Hugs Elmo (Top 8), Hello Kitty (Top 9), My Little Pony and PlayStation 4 (tied at the Top 10 spot).

As expected, dolls from different brands dominated the list of the Top 5 Toys for Girls in 2013. Of course, Barbie came out on top because it is still considered as the most popular brand of dolls in the world. However, it's interesting to note that Monster High Dolls beat out the other popular brand of dolls, which is the Disney Princesses. It looks like little girls are veering away from beautiful princesses and preferring unusual looking dolls. But, it's nice to know that the Table/Apple iPad made the list at Top 4, even if it is tied with Disney Princesses. At least, it's not all about dolls for girls because it shows that they are interested in computers and gadgets too.

This Holiday 2013 Gift Guide featuring the Top 5 Toys for Girls in 2013 aims to assist consumers with their holiday shopping. Now that you know which toys girls want this Christmas, it will certainly make things easier for both the giver and the receiver.


Holiday 2013 Gift Guide: The Top 5 Toys for Boys in 2013 [PHOTOS] (Click HERE)


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