iPhone 6 Release Date and Specs Round-up: Plenoptic Camera, 3-D Gesture Controls, Curved Screen, Quad-Core A8 Processor and More

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By Precious Silva | December 5, 2013 10:59 AM EST

The market remains on the lookout for the next big Apple release. Since competitors like Samsung, Sony and Google took off, Apple has trailed behind dealing with the overwhelming surges of new product releases all challenging its product line. With the New Year coming, reports about the iPhone 6 start surfacing. The company has been under constant pressure to put out another groundbreaking or appealing product similar to the wave spawned by the first iPhone, the iPod and the iPad. What can people expect from the upcoming iPhone 6? 

Plenoptic Camera 

The PrimeSense payout appears to be paying off and in the near future. Acquisition of PrimeSense may mean Apple using the plenoptic camera soon on its devices. Seeing that the iPhone 6 is the next best upcoming device of the company, the camera may find its way to the device. As demonstrated through the Lytro camera, people can adjust the focal point of the photo even after the image is taken. If this happens, Apple can allow users to tinker with a photo's depth-of-field adding to the other amazing capabilities of the iPhone camera. 

3-D Gesture Controls 

As mentioned, Apple just acquired the company PrimeSense. The company is the mind behind the motion-sensing technology found on Microsoft's Kinect. While many predicted the "Kinect" technology to be incorporate on devices like Apple TV, analysts also see the technology on the iPhone. What is even interesting is that it may not just stop on eye-controlled page scrolling or facial recognition, the feature may also allow 3-D imagery. This is possible once Apple integrates the 3-D mechanism into the screen. Analysts also indicated that if Apple can do this feature, then it would change the landscape for smartphones. 

Curved Screen 

Apple will go against its biggest rival Samsung for a curved screen display. Reports noted Samsung working on a curved display for its next handset and it seems Apple is also doing the same. Not only will the next iPhone 6 have a bigger screen size, it will have a concave screen to fit the user's cheek better. This will offer more comfort when calling or talking over the phone. 

Quad-core A8 Processor 

This comes as no surprise. The iPhone 6 may come with an improved A7 or a quad-core A8. The interesting fact here is that the processor will reportedly be more power-efficient, saving and extending battery life. 

Apple also reportedly reduced the number of Samsung-made technology under the hood. However, it has not severed ties yet with its biggest rival.

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